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Kardashian Family

Sues Over


4/5/2013 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Kardashian kids are suing their dad's widow, claiming she's been illegally selling portions of a diary they inherited.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Jr. are suing Ellen Pearson -- who was married to Robert Kardashian -- claiming Robert had a diary that contained very personal details about the klan and has been selling tidbits to tabloids.

The deceased Kardashian -- famous for repping OJ Simpson -- allegedly left the diary to his kids in his will.

Among the info that Ellen allegedly sold -- Kris allegedly hit Kourtney and Kim and also threatened to kill Kim ... and Rob was locked in a car while Kris was out on a date.

The lawsuit alleges the diary is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Kardashian kids and Ellen is infringing on their copyright.

The lawsuit demands the return of the diary and family albums, as well as damages.

Interesting fact:  Robert did NOT include ex-wife Kris in the diary inheritance -- just their kids.  But Kris is listed as a plaintiff.  It's curious -- Kris is NOT suing Ellen for defamation, for putting the brutality allegations out there.   So the questions -- did Robert Kardashian make the allegations against his ex, and are they true?



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Such a litigious family. They are the reason our court systems are locked up.

536 days ago


Ha there is no merit to this. Anything this lady knows is fair game. Good luck !!! Not like the family is worthless anyways

536 days ago


TMZ about your collage of Kardashians?
Why do they all look like current pictures except for Robs? Or did he lose the chubby face really fast? just wondering

536 days ago

Throwback kid    

The truth is a defense, Ellen can say whatever she wants about the Kardashians as long as it is the truth. Too bad if they don't like that. I have a feeling we will find out that the Kardashian family is even more horrible than we imagined. Kris Jenner appears to be a mentally unstable woman, it doesn't surprise me that she would go into fits of rage towards her children

536 days ago


So it's ok Kim makes a porn. But a huge uproar over a dumb diary. Says a lot about these skanks

536 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Of course the allegations are true.

Kris Jenner has been a horrifying example of a wife and mother... she had everything in the world when she was married to Kardashian - but no, she had to go throw it all away, disrupt her kids lives, and make a complete fool out of herself in the proccess. Bruce would do the world a favor and divorce Kris, just like Bob did and declare the woman to be a pox on the entire universe. Our childern hav e grwon up watching these whores and acting out to what they see on TV.

Barrack Obama will not let his girls watch this garbage and he deeply insulted the Kardashians - who responed that they all feel they provide an invaluable service to the public and are role models from kids to follow and solve life's day to day challenges.

People?? This is THE most delusional NONSENSE I have heard in my 60 year existence.

Thank you.

536 days ago


Guess they better get the will out and determine who the diary was left to as you, TMZ, are stating: "The deceased Kardashian -- famous for repping OJ Simpson -- allegedly left the diary to his kids in his will."

536 days ago


Since TMZ is too busy to keep readers up to date about the Lamar/Khloe's charity scandal, go to Fox News that has the latest - not looking good but is anyone surprised?

536 days ago


The fact that they own a copyright to their deceased father's diary is disturbing. But it sounds like something those money-grubbing, fame-whoring, shame-lacking Kardashians would do.

536 days ago


The Kardashians seem like a very nice family and Kim is a very beautiful woman.

536 days ago

Cat mom    

Seems pretty low to leak/sell information that their late father may or may not have written.

536 days ago


I love a good Kardashian story that involves slandering Kris Jenner. I don't who this former wife of Robert Kardashian is, but I'd like to send her a big thank you! Kris left little Rob in parked car while she went out on a date?! Priceless! Even if she gives back this diary and albums, I hope she keeps dishing the dirt - can they really stop her from speaking about what she has seen, read and been told? Hmmmm...I hope not.

536 days ago


YEOW, that is one homely bunch of people. This photo shows how much work they have all had done. So it's ok for them to show themselves having sex, getting waxed, getting an enema, fingering each other in public, etc. but now they've gone all "private"? Truly a bunch of misfits and sick individuals.

536 days ago


Yeah, she totally did it. I would not put anything past her. And if she is not in the will, then she does not have any right to sue. Her kids are adults.If they are offended then THEY have to sue.
She is just lawsuit happy, I wonder if the courts can fine her for frivolous lawsuits.
It seems like for everyone that sues her, she files 2 for revenge.

536 days ago


It's no secret this family is trash. So why sue?

536 days ago
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