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Kardashian Family

Sues Over


4/5/2013 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Kardashian kids are suing their dad's widow, claiming she's been illegally selling portions of a diary they inherited.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Jr. are suing Ellen Pearson -- who was married to Robert Kardashian -- claiming Robert had a diary that contained very personal details about the klan and has been selling tidbits to tabloids.

The deceased Kardashian -- famous for repping OJ Simpson -- allegedly left the diary to his kids in his will.

Among the info that Ellen allegedly sold -- Kris allegedly hit Kourtney and Kim and also threatened to kill Kim ... and Rob was locked in a car while Kris was out on a date.

The lawsuit alleges the diary is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Kardashian kids and Ellen is infringing on their copyright.

The lawsuit demands the return of the diary and family albums, as well as damages.

Interesting fact:  Robert did NOT include ex-wife Kris in the diary inheritance -- just their kids.  But Kris is listed as a plaintiff.  It's curious -- Kris is NOT suing Ellen for defamation, for putting the brutality allegations out there.   So the questions -- did Robert Kardashian make the allegations against his ex, and are they true?



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charity begins at home

563 days ago


Anything to make money and not have to work....

Work???? Family is to stupid and does not know anything worthwhile and of value

563 days ago


This just shows how lazy & uncaring the Tardashians are. Their dad has been dead for 10 YEARS and none of them went to get the diary or the albums they all knew were willed to them. Even Kris (the homewrecker/bad momager) knew that these items were willed to the kids. BRATS. I wouldn't think his own words would be a lie since he knew he couldn't trust Kris to ever have possession & pass them along. Why do you think a grown man would even keep a diary/journal? Seems like he had something to say & share...

563 days ago


Breaking up via text is the worst. You have to see these breakup texts. #1 is so bad!

563 days ago


Who is the fat kid on the left? Photo-bomb?

563 days ago


If these stories are false then they could not possibly belong to their dead father, right, so what are you suing this woman for ? The only way you should prevail is if this diary is really from the dead father, but if that's the case then the stories are true that your mother is a abusive b!tch.

Lose, Lose situation for the Kraptashians.

563 days ago


Whats interesting about this is the man has been dead how long!!!! And now their demanding his things. I thought when reading the will things where handed over then. Ppl already know their fake and if it weren't for Robert Kardashian Sr. And what he's famous for no one would know who the hell they are. His name and the fact that Kim made a better sex tape then Paris H is what put them on the map and brought them out of financial /bankruptcy according to TMZ. Come-on. None of them have any real respect for each other and their forced by mom to be nice to Kim and let her do what ever cause after she is the bread winner of that family.

563 days ago


not again!!!!

563 days ago


is tmz mad because kris is now freinds with radar online?

563 days ago


ellen is no better, why is she selling family secrets to a tabloid? would robert kardashian sr have wanted the world to know what was in his personal journal?

563 days ago


Not to stick up for the Kardashians but I don't really know that many moms that haven't threatened to kill their teenage daughters.... I'm sure that she didn't actually mean the threat, but this was more or less taken out of context.

563 days ago


When the Will went through Probate Court was the diary listed and did it go to all the kids. How did he divide his thoughts, between 4 kids and Kris Kardashian. If the Diary was not in the will which is not believable because they would have demanded it after Probate Closed. All Property would go to Robert Kardashian Legal Wife at the time of his death.

563 days ago


Who's the tubby next to Kourtney? is that Khloe? Lord was she ugly(still is but as a kid-whoa, what a dog)

563 days ago


Of course it's all true! Kris is a vile woman! Her kids are known liars! Someone needs to expose the truth behind this family!

563 days ago

judy jetson    

The crapdashian's don't seem to be denying the allegations .....hmmm

563 days ago
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