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Pregnant Kim K.

Getting Her Fill of

Absurd Weight Gain Covers

4/5/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is a 200 lb monster who's shoveling down so much junk food ... she got dumped by Kanye West -- according to some ridiculously creative magazines, anyway.

See, pregnancy can be entertaining! Unless you're Kim.

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This is what she gets, honestly. Its karma from her being so shallow and selfish. In Kim's mind no matter what she did or does she was still perfect if she could come up with just the right excuse for it. She's full of herself. Khloe has always made her infertility issues known. I seem to recall Kim saying that maybe she will be a surrogate for Khloe in the future ... Now, that she's still married to one man and gets pregnant by another (adultery) she has infertility issues just like Khloe? That's not only weight she's packing on but lies and deceit as well. A spade is a spade, and Kim is w***e. Which is fine. I'm just sick of her excuses.

566 days ago


I would feel bad, but she is the one that constantly tells her sisters if they don't lose weight there get cheated on, do its just karma (even though I don't think she is as big as they point out)

566 days ago

Hot Farts    

I've been saying she looks about 190...this is a lot for a first child. She should not have lied about her weight...she knows how much she and her mother are hated is she too stooopid to realize there would be a backlash? And btw - no one is buying the Kanye Kim relationship...never have

566 days ago


Get real Kim! A HOG is skinnier than u & more sexy. Put some decent. Clothes on, let the Baby move around !

566 days ago


I know she's pregnant, but it's still hilarious! This airhead is so vain, I hope it's getting to her. Lol. Short women, bless them, can't hide weight like taller ladies, and all the stilettos made won't make a difference. Sidebar, I don't usually make fun of pregnant women, this is just for Kim.

566 days ago


Kim is so short, and she has full hips and bust, so she will appear much heavier with her pregnancy, then someone built like Kate Middleton

566 days ago

moe l.    

She's a pig and soon to become a hog. Her post
baby hips will be wide enough to accomodate an 18-wheeler. Kanye - a word of advice - 'strap a board across your _ _ _ so you won't fall in'.

Can you imagine what she'll look like sans makeup?!?!?!? Yikes!!!!

566 days ago


Kim knows exactly what she is doing. TO have all the attention on her she must set herself apart from all the other pregnant celebs to maintain the attention. She does that by dressing the way she does.. It's the same old story good or bad it's still attention & keeps her on top of the game.Yesterday she wore two very different outfits . A maxi dress that made her look like she should be rolled into the hospital immediately for delivery & later that day back to leather & you were looking for the baby bump as there was none.. GO figure.. Manipulation at it's finest.

566 days ago


my grandpa's cows and pigs were sweet.

i feel sorry for the innocent animals being compared to this fat, arrogant, slunt.

566 days ago


I think she looks no different from her usual fat-assian self.

566 days ago


AHAHAHAH! The pic of her in that green skirt looks odd. The bump seems VERY low and much bigger then we've seen it before.
When my sister was pregnant - she carried higher until she had the baby - the closer she to got to the due date the lower her belly was.
I still call BS on this "pregnancy" - not ONE pic of her going to the OB/GYN, not ONE pic of her ultrasounds and not ONE comment from her (or Kanye or ANYONE AROUND HER) about having felt the baby kick or move.....

566 days ago


She looks so terrible!! My daughter is also prego and on the short side but she also works and she looks amazing! ! Kim is just soooooo gross and fricken huge!!

566 days ago


Tmz goes to defend Jim and calls the articles Ridiculous ... Modaphuckas ... Do yaulremember all the names they would call Jessica Simpson ... And how they'd Fun of her SMH

566 days ago


Her mother is the piece of trash orchestrating all of these her more attention & sympathy and then she thinks she'll cash in for a weight loss contract when she spits the baby out and gives it to someone else to raise. However, after looking at the AMAZING photos of Jessica Alba, I don't see what weight loss company in their right mind would give FAT A S S Kim a dime!!

566 days ago


What the f*ck ever tmz.. you guys just plain suck now.. She does look over weight. She has all the f*cking money in the world and she can't hire a nutritionist?? Plus the outfits she chooses make her look even bigger and ridiculous.

566 days ago
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