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Kim Kardashian

Looking Belly, Belly Good

4/6/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_kim_k_instagramPerhaps as a proverbial, pudgy middle finger to the tabloids who have mocked her pregnancy weight gain, Kim Kardashian put her baby bump on full display on Instagram today.

Take it all in.


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She's 3 maybe 4 months tops. The baby is the size of a apple and she's the size of a mac truck.

534 days ago


why do all these fat hogs have to show off their fat bellies? take a pic and send it to your parents, no one else cared

534 days ago


Photo doesn't look right. Its altered. She looks much heavier in other recent pictures, armpit wtf?

534 days ago


best case senario: she dies during child birth!

534 days ago


Why does she have to show off her baby bump to the world, I like Kim but gotta admit that at times her behavior is not always classy and dignified! She is pregnant, not overweight so I dont know why she cares so much about what people say about her weight gain. She must just enjoy her pregnancy and not expose her growing belly to the world.

534 days ago


This is disgusting! Just because it is a fact of life there is no reason for a pregnant woman to show off her big bloated belly. Taking a **** is a fact of life. Is Kardashian going to start tweeting pictures of her crap every time she takes a ****? Disgusting!

534 days ago


To anyone capable of logical analysis: We have seen photo after photo of her wearing layers and layers clothing, long sleeves, tight dresses showing the outline of spanx underneath, and ROLLS of something under her clothing. Tabloids screamed it was her baby "fat. NOW, we see her supposed naked "pregnancy" belly and gee, no fat. No ROLLS and LUMPS. No HUGE hips and ass as we saw in CLOTHED photos just last week. If the rolls are not present, then why were the suffocating spanx needed. How is it possible that someone as vain as Kardashian would INTENTIONALLY make herself look grossly overweight in clothing? Answer: She didn't. The layered, lumpy clothing is designed to make her appear pregnant. THIS photo is nothing more than her exposing the MoonBump prosthetic necessary because of the Inquirer article detailing her fake pregnancy. None of this chicanery would be possible if Americans still utilized reasoning abilities, rather than being spoonfed daily info nuggets supplied PR hacks on Kardashian's payroll.

There is no pregnancy, merely a well-orchestrated campaign that is a prelude to a surrogate-delivered baby and a subsequent children's clothing and furniture line. Is this really so difficult for the lunkheads of America ot understand?e

533 days ago


She is so sad that she felt the need to post this pic...

533 days ago


You people just wont give-up really now its a pregnancy line,,, and what will be next thank you lord for makin content with what I have. some of you must really check themselves if this is not driven by jelousy!!!!

533 days ago



533 days ago


Totally photoshopped!!
1st pic- White spot close to her elbow holding the phone; 2nd pic- Black triangle in second pic that is not in 1st pic right under her "belly"...

533 days ago


she took the picture reflecting the Mira that makes her look skinnier.

533 days ago

stephanie gervais    

Kim kardashian is beautiful none of these salty bitches on here could even look half a good pregnant. I barely even put on makeup when I was pregnant. She's going to be a great mom and she is not a whore. And FYI not everybody gets a linia negra " pregnancy line" or gets an outy when they are pregnant. Ignorant *******s.

531 days ago


Fat fat bicth you ate kanye west!

527 days ago
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