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Lindsay Lohan

Attempts Intervention

And NOT for Her

4/6/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is trying to live by the adage, "Do what you know," and she knows how to party ... but apparently not well enough to save a good friend.

We're told Lindsay tried to stage an intervention for hotel magnate/BFF Vikram Chatwal, who was arrested at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport for possession of heroin, cocaine, weed and Rx pills.

Chatwal owns the Dream Hotel in NYC, where Lindsay has frequently stayed and partied.  We're told Chatwal has comped her when she's there.

Sources say Lindsay tried to return the favor in 2012 by surprising Vikram at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood.  The plan was ... when he walked in the room, a bunch of friends and family would be there to express their grave concern over his drug use and partying.

It's unclear why ... but the intervention never took place, and Vikram kept partying, right until he was busted.

Let's get serious.  Lindsay never stopped partying either.


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Just watched "rock of ages" never knew they can make a movie with my age group look so cheesy

530 days ago


how odd..

we took rex to the river to play, just catching up to read and i have clear votes all over pages i haven't even gotten to read.

530 days ago


Dirt, that was an a and b coversation.. C your way to tthe abortion clinic

530 days ago


@ Help and Dirt

"They need the vile in their pathetic lives".

"Withdrawal sets in and loser haters start eating their own."

If we are all so pathetic and hateful how do you explain you two being here? Stop telling on yourselves. Go eat something -you will feel better. You are to food as Squeaky is to Vodka.

Happy Birthday to FU.

530 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Dr Butt Crack, more like Vet Tech Butt Crack. Or Cage Cleaner Butt Crack. Bwaaahaaahaaaa

530 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Poor Madi left the playground crying and went and told the principal.

530 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

"Dr Butt Crack, paging Dr Butt Crack, we have a poop spill in exam room #3"

530 days ago


Too much estrogen in this room for me.hormones are rageing..i better leave before i get hurt

530 days ago


Happy Birthday FU , there still a piece of cake left. ? Still chrewing on this same old bone I see......
So who's picking on Maddy...? She can say anything she wants just like the rest of us...If you don't like it don't read it....simple ......Looks like somebody is stirring the pot again....trying the divide and control method.....Sorry ain't buying what your stirring......
Will I be sorry when she finely goes to Jail or Rehab or TMZ stops posting on her......Hell NO ! She ain't that important in my world....Just be sad I won't get to play with my TMZ friends thats all......LOL

530 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

And BTW, the multiple hate checks for Maddy is just Dirt and company signing in and out of their multiples to flood her with hate checks. Fail f*ckfaces.......

530 days ago


question: who's going to pay for HOhan's rehab stay?

530 days ago


@ Dirt

A few days ago you were picking on Nikki and now Maddy. You are picking on two of the nicest, compassionate, intelligent people that post here. You must really be sad, pathetic and obviously jealous. You will never turn ANYONE against these two. Nikki and Maddy are the BEST-you will NEVER measure up so please stop trying-you are only embarrassing yourself.

530 days ago

help this young woman    

How will Lindsay pay for rehab? She works. She did Anger Management (producers have come on record stating she paid for the clothes and jewelry-case closed), she was paid for a promotional appearance in Brazil, she was paid for bikini photos, she will get paid for being on David Letterman, she will get paid for the red carpet appearance for SM5, and she was paid for her 25% stake in The Canyons for the rights to U.S. distribution.

530 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Dr Butt Crack White Trash, you know last time I checked I was an American Airlines Captain. Think I'll change my name to Capt. Dirt. Sounds sweeeet.

530 days ago


Where is Sez? I'm ready now. Anyone up for Lemon Drops or Lemonade or tea? Iced, hot, or Long Island?

530 days ago
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