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Tom Morello from 'Rage'

Lay Off

Jay-Z & Beyonce

4/6/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040613_tom_morello_launchTom Morello from "Rage Against the Machine" says everyone needs to stop bitching about Jay-Z and Beyonce's Cuba  trip.

Tom was out in L.A. Friday, when our photog ask the rocker -- who's a pretty well known political activist and founder of the non-profit "Axis of Justice" -- about the controversial trip to the country famous for cigars and human rights violations.

Unlike lots of others ...Tom had their back.

In the process he dropped some Cuba knowledge ... explaining how to get in and out of the country ... legally.

Check it out.



No Avatar


Hey Morello, have your lips lost their feeling yet being glued so tight to Jay Z's butt?? Get some chapstick before you attempt to publically butt kiss Beyonce next. I am sure she prefers soft lips from all her butt kissers.

533 days ago


If he is a Political Activist than Syrian President Assad Bashar should win the Nobel Peace Prize?

533 days ago


Jay Z and Beyoncé are befriending a man who stood side by side with his Brother and Russia and aimed Nuclear Weapons at the US. This is the person that Jay Z and Beyoncé support. No wonder she had to lip sync our great National Anthem She Supports Castro so she was too embarrassed to sing our Anthem with Pride.

533 days ago


I hope they decide to stay.......indefinitely.

533 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

No I will BITCH about their trip. The Castro brother's are responsible for the death of many Cuban rebels and dissidents.

533 days ago


Radical Far-Left-Wing activist supports visits to an abusive, oppressive Communist country?


533 days ago


We can't "LAY OFF" they want to be in the spot light. They want to be notice - we will talk about them. How could we possibly "LAY OFF" ?? It's unheard of......

533 days ago


Beyonce, want a Caribbean experience? keep your money in the states, spent it in Puerto Rico insted...

533 days ago


You people are miserable and all it takes is a crappy article to show it, their lives,their business,

533 days ago


Stupid polemic... I will never understand how boycotting a country could be somewhat positive in anyway for the population, it is moronic and the whiners should know better.

533 days ago


Jay Z is a well known George Bush hater and even dissed him on a track-ok in our great Country the USA! If Jay Z was Cuban and he did that in that Island he is visiting he would be thrown in jail and possibly killed if he dared say something bad about Fidel Castro! That's what happens to anyone in Cuba who opposes Communist Fidel Castro! So Jay and B what is your point in visiting a Country were there is no human rights? Morello your Mexican not Cuban, speak on Mexico, not Cuba there is nothing good in that communist island as long as Fidel is there!

533 days ago


8 years of George Bush and Liberals were crying, Imagine a Dictator in charge for over 50 YEARS that is what Cuba has suffered with Fidel Castro! Jay Z-Rage-AudioSlave-Kanye can say anything in this Country about George Bush or any President and you have the right express your opinion! That does not exist in Cuba! In Cuba there is no group like Audio or Jay Z who oppose Fidel, they are silenced immediately! Killed or tortured! When your wealthy a US citizen and go to Cuba it's all good for you, not for the poor people on the Island which have no money or human rights!

533 days ago


Cuba is a beautiful country and great people...virtually no crime, full of tourists...not the way it is made out to be by media..

533 days ago


Go back to playing guitar..which you suck at

533 days ago


Diddy who? The one who got rich by selling drugs & sampling good songs?

Oh, Beyonce, don't try to be Oprah. Miss O doesn't like anyone replacing her as "the Diva".

533 days ago
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