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'Buckwild' Star Shain Gandee

Funeral NOT Ready

For Prime Time

4/7/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos behind "Buckwild" are taking the reality TV high road ... telling TMZ they will NOT be filming during Shain Gandee's funeral.

J.P. Williams, the CEO of Parallel Entertainment -- one of the companies that produces the show -- tells us they would never film the funeral "in a million years" out of respect for Shain and his family.

Filming funerals is not outlandish ... after all TLC aired "Best Funeral Ever."  And Shain's could be right up there.

As TMZ previously reported ... J.P.'s company along with Zoo Productions will cover the cost of the funeral -- set to take place Sunday. People are encouraged to wear camo in honor of the 21-year-old.


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Good dont exploit a tragic death. RIP Shain

510 days ago


I've never seen such disrespect and ignorance in my life, were talking about a kid. He was 21 years old he didn't even live his life. OMG he didn't hurt anyone by going off roading rather he was drunk or he was sober he was didn't kill anyone. He got stuck in the mud and instead of shutting the truck off he kept the heat on and died. OMG I swear KARMA will bite you hard for this whoever speaks about him like that. Regardless of however he acted on tv that didn't warrant him to die. He was offered a tv career (which I know most people in America would take cause most of you are greedy) and he acted a fool on tv cause he was a KID. Unless your telling me that your Mother Earth and you didn't do anything stupid and idiotic when you were his age (no that matter that age you are now) then not one of you ignorant people can judge anyone. R.I.P. Shain Gandee you'll always be the Gandee Candy!!!

510 days ago


Society disgust me!! A young man is dead and negative comments are placed on the news story related to his death! He loved to hunt, therefore in memory of him they ask guest to wear camp. Not trashy, it's a human memorial for him and his family!! How ignorant people are!! He became a star and his death will be publicized, so don't read the articles if your not interested in it!! Grow up and ask your mother to teach you morals and respect! RIP Shaine!!

510 days ago


to everyone who is saying it's "white trash" to wear camo cause its encouraged, you should be ashamed. They are doing it cause its was he LOVED. Shain will NEVER be forgotten so @IWUVTMZ you can go somewhere else if you don't like it. Rest in paradise Shain I know you will be muddin and raising hell in heaven with all the girlys. people need to stop being disrespectful towards other peoples family and friends especially when they lost someone. but not only 1 person but 2 other people. Grow up.

510 days ago


R.I.P. Shain

510 days ago


Wow I can't believe some of these comments this young man is dead show some respect! Your day will come some da but I wouldn't even wish this negative talk on you smdh

510 days ago


His family already confirmed to bury him vertically due to minimize funeral costs. At a normal funeral you pay for aprox. 3 square meters, for a vertically you only have to pay for 0.5 squere meter. Nobody wants to film this, of course...

510 days ago


The funeral was today. A special song was performed by a local band The Inbreeders. They sang "Git er while she's young.

510 days ago


Rip Shane your the man gandee candy

510 days ago


Why r people being so mean.There r people like me that watched BUCKWILD and loved it. So show some respect to his family and friends and keep your insults to yourself. We will miss u SHAIN

510 days ago


All these negative comments is really unnecessary....Someone passed away regardless of who he was and what he did and what he wore he was still a human being....People wonder why this country is going to hell its because of the hate people have for each other no compassion....We teach kids not to bully but yet we still have adults that act like bullies...Before you judge somebody get to know the person you might be surprised...We are adults we need to lead by example.

510 days ago


Was MTV filming when he went out with his uncle??

510 days ago

Allen in WV    

Hey morons a sheriff in Mingo county WV was murdered in the line of duty. He was a small town sheriff if you want to trash his good name. Since you think because your from WV that we are all stupid redneck hillbillys

510 days ago

Allen in WV    

Don't hold back you idiots. Let's hear how it was ok for him to be murdered in cold blood.

510 days ago

I love tha haters!!!    

RIP... very sad. I hope his family jus tries 2 remember all the happy times abt him and forget wat these ppl who didnt even kno him r saying abt him. They r trash nt ur son/friend/nephew. Shain was a nice person u cn c it n his eyes on the show...just sum1 who wanted to b loved and accepted just like everyone else.

510 days ago
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