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Kim Kardashian

I CAN Stop Eating!!!

4/7/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405-kim-kardashian-gettyKim Kardashian's NOT a food-shoveling, 200-pound, fatso -- and Kim is telling friends the proof isn't in the pudding ... it's in the yogurt.

We're told Kim went to the doctor last week for a checkup, and she weighed in at 151 lbs ... way less that the 200 lbs the tabloids claim.

And there's even less. We're told she's gained a grand total of 23 pounds from the time Kanye West impregnated her.

Although there's an epic headline from one of the tabs -- "I Can't Stop Eating!" -- we're told a lot of this is just plain made up.  Por ejemplo ... "In Touch" ran a cover pic showing Kim shoving ice cream in her mouth.  Fact is ... the pic was taken in Monaco in 2009, when she was relatively tiny.

And our Monegasque (Google it) spies tell us ... the cone is not topped with the fat stuff ... it's dairy free, sugar free yogurt with fresh strawberries.  Sounds disgusting.



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Why did you let the mentally ill, unstable unattractive, worse body ever, zesty half gay dude impregnate you? Day yum shame your mother didn't tell you anything about breeding. Your baby/ child will not be cute, smart and will have a body that is I'll built! Kanye west is a NUT!

533 days ago


This woman MUST begin wearing maternity clothing. Not only is her choice of clothing unsightly, it is not healthy for her or her unborn child (skin tight skirts and extremely high heels). With her loads of money, she can surely commission designers to customize clothing that fits her growing body properly. This is a situation where one's child should be more important than the mother's fashion statements.

533 days ago


These stories are getting dumber by the minute, seriously now!
The ONLY reason TMZ keeps this charade going is because they know kimmie will bring more clicks & views to their lame azz website.
How bout taking a break from her, at least until you come up with something relevant, factual and believable!
Harvey & his lame crew just like fuking with this girl. You're starting to draw in sympathy for her bc of the fat jokes while she's pregnant.

533 days ago


Guys, please stop the criticism of my daughters. I know they are all Losers. I even admit that I am a total Loser.

Bruce Jenner

P.S. Has anyone seen my nose?

533 days ago

OH NO!    

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And this one'll talk 'til her voice is hoarse.
You never heard of a talking horse?

533 days ago


Dear TMZ, FK off with your constant Kartrashian updates ... what part of we don't give a fk about this family don't you get ... now go, run outside and get yourself a life!!!

533 days ago


lol! Those tabloids are almost meaner than TMZ. And can Kanye and Kim survive as a couple, when they are so caught up in themselves? Of course you can't see Kanye, he's the big star, but where ever they go, the papz are yelling "Kim", that's why Kanye can't be found anywhere near Kim, his ego can't handle it.

533 days ago


Here we are AGAIN with TMZ defending Kim Kardashian with a cream puff post. I'm about done here. This has become outrageous.

533 days ago


Sleazy fat oink.

533 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I think she looks pretty good there.
Her face looks REALLY weird on the "In Touch" cover, though.

533 days ago


The fact that she is manipulating all these new photos tells me she is more pathetic than I thought. Fake skank.

533 days ago

Angel Rose    

Yeah, we all remember how that Seinfeld episode with the fat free yogurt ended..

533 days ago


I could care less if she weighs 251....I do pray that she gives birth to a healthy child!

533 days ago

Mary P    

Oh my foot. She seriously trying to pretend she was only 127 with that Texas sized fake ass that droops without Spanx, thighs the size of Connecticut and hips the side of Vermont? And she started at 127? Uh huh. I've said it before and I'll say it again - wouldn't nobody care how much she was gaining if she didn't first profit ONLY off her body, pretend her body was something it wasn't and then get knocked up on purpose within a couple of weeks of dating the biggest egotist in the world... and STILL keep pretending she ain't fat, and ain't getting fatter because she can't wear the Spanx over her belly. There's a reason why her "belly photo" from before was chopped and shopped - and she had shapewear on her hips, butt and legs. You can see it when she tries to wear something tight and the huge line that goes from the top of her hips, to under her belly and up the back again because the vain heifer is STILL trying to hide it.

533 days ago


she can't stopped from getting pissed on or came in either

533 days ago
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