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Beyonce & Jay-Z

Cuba Trip Reportedly

OK'd By U.S.

4/8/2013 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0405-beyonce-jay-z-apJay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba last week reportedly got the U.S. Treasury Department's stamp of approval.

A source tells Reuters, the two visited Cuba last week for their 5th anniversary on a fully licensed "cultural" trip.

As we reported, it's against the law for U.S. citizens to travel to the communist nation if it's purely for tourism ... but exceptions can be made in the form of "cultural exchange" licenses.

Then again, the government doesn't just dole out licenses ... you need to show good reason ... and so far, the justification is unclear.



No Avatar


Apparently campaign contributions buy you special privileges with this administration.

530 days ago


So if ur in good with Obama u can do whatever the hell u want

530 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Beyonce was teaching the locals how to lip-sync and do karaoke.

530 days ago


Did Lucille Ball go to Cuba? If so, why? I admire this couple because as celebs, they chose to get married before having kids, as you all well know, many celebs CHOOSE to make their children bastards. Thusly, poor kids have something many rich kids don't have: legit status in the world.

530 days ago


Why are people complaining about these two getting to go to Cuba? Who gives a crap if the Obama's or whoever gave them a pass? Were you planning on going to Cuba? I can bet the answer is no. It's honestly not a big deal. Also, how the hell does Lohan's illegal foolery relate to a trip to Cuba? You people are reaching.

530 days ago

Scott Levy    

They're Obama's close pals. Of course they had permission. Obama is just as Communist as those in charge of Cuba, so he probably has no problem with it.

530 days ago

bob mcqueen    

wow cant they stay

530 days ago


im just annoyed that Jay-Z has the same limited edition steve mcqueen glasses as me :(

530 days ago


Being an Obama buddy has all kinds of percs. All these libtards whining about the 1% and looky, looky... all of Obamas 1%er buddies are raking in the benefits of kissing his ass. Disgusting

530 days ago


What really sucks is that if these 2 traveling for a "cultural exchange" got in trouble for whatever reason in this communist play pen, our tax $$$ would be hard at work on their behalf. If they get in trouble, I vote their azzes are STUCK OVER THERE!!!

530 days ago


Reporting "news" isn't what TMZ does. You report innuendos & misinformation because it makes for salacious headlines that the public jump on. Journalism has become news for the moment or 15 minutes of notoriety that put those like the kartrashians on the front page. Any reputable news source would have fact check before printing their visit to Cuba. Why would Bey & Jay-Z put their livelihood in jeopardy for a few days in Cuba?

530 days ago


We all will know if that baby is biologically his. It will look like a flat nosed sucker fish. Just a thought not relevant to the post.

530 days ago


She's friends with POTUS, so I'm sure some favors were called in. Still don't like them.

530 days ago


Of couse it was OK'd by the government. Thousands of Americans visit Cuba every year. GET OVER IT!!!!!

530 days ago


So wrong! Just because they're famous doesn't mean they can just go there when it's not legal. Those two are just causing controversy because they think they're better than everyone else. For sure!

530 days ago
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