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Britney Spears

Annette Funicello's Passing

'Is Great'

4/8/2013 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0408_britney_videoMaybe she hadn't heard the news, maybe she didn't understand the question, or maybe she's just a coldhearted person who hates awesome people ... but when we asked Britney Spears today about the passing of Annette Funicello, she took a moment, smiled, and said, "I think that's great!"

Funicello, the most famous original member of Mickey Mouse Club, passed away today at the age of 70 ... so asking Britney, the most famous modern member, about her death made complete sense. 

Britney's answer, however, made none.

1:30 PM PT -- Britney just tweeted, "Misheard a question I was asked earlier by press while I was out and about. I am DEVASTATED to hear about the passing of Annette Funicello ... She was a role model for me during my days as a Mouseketeer."


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OMG, leave her alone. She probably barely listens to these annoying people who never leave her alone, Big deal, TMZ. I bet if this was a Kardashian, TMZ would of been a lot kinder.

527 days ago


Who wants to pay attention to a dumb photographer.

527 days ago


I can believe she misunderstood. Maybe she thought they meant she was doing better or something. And after she got into the van her body guard informed her of what the pap asked het. And she feels like a jerk now. I know ive misunderstood something said to me before and heard something completely different then what was said. And if anyone says they never misunderstood something someone said to them before. ..then they are lieing

527 days ago


I'm with everyone who said she just didn't hear the question. No one would intentionally say something bad about Annette, I think Britney knew her. She must feel awful about it. I thought she only had a short time to live over 30 years ago. I remember the "Enquirer" running story after story about her" imminent" death

527 days ago


I can believe she misunderstood but I can't believe she wrote the tweet to clarify things. That was pure PR team there.

527 days ago


Why do paps. ask these stupid questions like "what do think of so amd so passing away"? Wha a stupid question...what is someone supposed to say? No wonder you dont need anything higher then a 4th grade education to be a papparazzi.

527 days ago


Britney doesn't pay attention to Paps....or what they say...

527 days ago


I love when the PR people type these out

527 days ago

Sir Paul McCartney    

I of all people can surely understand how this can happen. Britney is obviously not paying attention to what these camera-men are saying, it's usually the same routine everyday anyhow! She just said, 'Its great" just to get on with it and go home. Not actually hearing the question. Most of the time their questions are nothing but a load of Rubbish anyhow. Then they catch you slipping up one day. I've been going through this annoyance for over 50yrs now! They've gotten John back in the 60's with the "Bigger then Jesus"quote, the press got me around the time of John's death. What happened was, we heard the news that morning and, strangely
enough, all of us--the then three Beatles, friends of John's--all of us
reacted in the same way. Separately. Everyone just went to work that day.
All of us. Nobody could stay home with that news. We all had to go to
work and be with people we knew. Couldn't bear it. We just had to keep
going. So I went in and did a day's work in a kind of shock. And as I was
coming out of the studio later, there was a reporter, and as we were
driving away, he just stuck the microphone in the window and shouted,
"What do you think about John's death?" I had just finished a whole day
in shock and I said, "It's a drag." I meant drag in the heaviest sense of
the word, you know: "It's a--drag." But, you know, when you look at that
in print, it says, "Yes, it's a drag." Matter of fact. And I've never forgiven myself for that. Really, deep down, you
know, I never have quite forgiven myself for that. But that's all I could
say then.

527 days ago


For heaven's sake---She didn't hear the guy correctly. It reminds me of an old friend who agreed to wear a puffy shirt.....

527 days ago


LEAVE Britney alone! hahaha I think that's great!

527 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Read my lips. Brit does not know who Annette is. Er - was...

527 days ago


A classless comment from a no class person!

527 days ago

Gregory Nichols    

She probably thought they said " There was Jello."

527 days ago


She looks freakin crazy in this clip. There is no background noise for her to misunderstand or not hear the question. But let's say she didn't hear... She actually stopped appears to think about it and then answered. I don't think she knew what she was answering or web knows who Annette is but regardless she appears crazy and like she needs to keep her handlers very nearby.

527 days ago
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