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Lindsay Lohan

Blows Off Depo

... Again

4/8/2013 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop us if you've heard this before ... Lindsay Lohan just blew off another deposition in another lawsuit.

Lindsay had been ordered to appear for a deposition in L.A. this morning in her lawsuit with a paparazzo named Grigor Balyan, who's suing Lindsay and her assistant. Grigor claims the assistant crashed into him in 2010 outside an L.A. nightclub and put him in the hospital.

Needless to say, Lindsay did NOT show up for the sit-down.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ, Lindsay's attorney Julia Azrael tried to give the pap's lawyers a heads up last week ... that she hadn't been able to get in touch with the actress ... but the depo wasn't rescheduled.

We're told the pap's lawyers will be filing papers this week ... asking for a judge to force Lindsay to show up. If Lindsay continues to refuse, the judge could simply issue a judgment against her and order LiLo to pay a ton of cash.

Stay tuned ...



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@Its Nikki Bitch

We all know that Radar story from Michael Lohan is utterly ridiculous for obvious reasons, Lindsay wants absolutely nothing to do with her father and there is no way she would go to rehab in Florida where he lives, she wants the abusive woman beater out of her life permanently.

Michael Lohan was paid by Radar for the story and he was paid by that facility for mentioning their name in the story. Thats his God...MONEY

526 days ago


"FFS! Is your AVI a frontal picture of a shaved snatch? Crop it a little tighter, eh?

YOU owe me a Lemon Drop, I just spit mine out on the floor 'cracking' up, as to not ruin the computer. . . .

526 days ago


Better question, WHO is going to pay for this '5 star luxury' rehab?

526 days ago


i saw her today in SOHO on Grand and West Broadway near the Gourmet Garage

526 days ago


@ Susan

Squeaky is a violent abuser -just ask anyone she has chased with a car, run over with a car or got her fist in their face without provocation.

526 days ago


The Lukens Institute is located in Palm Beach, Florida and is touted as “luxury rehab for high-functioning individuals,” the accommodations are five-star.

high-functioning?? if HOhan is going it should read high-f*cktioning. that slunt, f*cking is a high priority for her.

526 days ago


I just called the Lukens Institute and its $16k a WEEK. Thats $192,000.

Yeah, right! Oh Milo, you are a joker.

526 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Dina Lohan’s house in Merrick is reportedly in foreclosure.

In order to assist with the situation her ex-husband, Michael Lohan, says he gifted her $8,500. But he tells Hollyscoop that the money was used elsewhere.

In an emailed statement, the patriarch complains about Dina's ongoing irresponsibility…

“She wanted me to send it to her directly instead of through child support—if I had, I wouldn't get credit—but I learned my lesson because Dina doesn't report any of the money I send her to child support or the kids!” he writes.


According to the New York Post, Dina has been served a foreclosure notice on her home in Merrick, NY. Michael confirms the reports to HS…

“The foreclosure is only the beginning because she has about 10 judgments against her, amounting to over a million dollars and $100,000 to me!” he says.

While it was previously reported that Lindsay was staying with Dina at the house, it now appears that she has found a friend’s Penthouse to shack up in the city for the time being.

Michael tells us that Dina is spiraling in “a lonely and dark world.”

“It only lends to what I have been saying about lying to the public and even yourself and how it comes back to a person,” he says. “Dina loves the word Karma and now AGAIN, she is feeling the wrath of God!”

526 days ago

LA Native    

hey Hannah,
wouldn't blowing off a court order be a VOP?

526 days ago


@Susan. There are ZERO attorneys named Ed McPhearson who are admitted to the CA Bar. Check before you name drop. There is an Edwin McPherson.
If what you say is correct, the insurance company is defending the suit. As the pap sued Lindsay the attorney hired by the insurance company is HER attorney.
If this attorney was provided by the insurance company, her skipping out on her depo is even worse. If the pap wins the suit by default because of Lindsay's irresponsibility just exactly what do you think their next step would be? Sue Lindsay?

526 days ago


I wonder sometimes if Lohan knows just how much she is despised by the American public. I am sure that she doesn't read bad press about her, let alone comments on gossip websites - but doesn't her agent or manager let her know that her unlikeability rating is through the roof? And when one is so disliked that means that one cannot star in a movie, or make an album, or start a clothing line because people associate that person with Bullsh!t. I just wish that when Lohan goes in public - like to Coachella - that people boo her and throw rotten tomatoes at her. I wish the public would let her know that she's a materialistic-Marie Antoinette-idiot who lies, steals, punches women in the face, and that she is a cracked-out, drunken criminal who looks like sh!t, smells like sh!t and only bullsh!t comes out of her ridiculously flubbity lips. I wonder how she could not know she is so disliked because of her own behaviors - and if she does know, I would like to know how she can live with herself.

526 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

Dear Lindsay,

Just curious what color the sky is in your reality and is there a gift shop ? I'd love a kicky little Coke soaked t-shirt !

Love Ya like a cold sore !

526 days ago


Who cares? Get a default judgment and keep it moving.

526 days ago


Can't TMZ go even one day without bothering Lohan?

I'm still waiting for an update on the story they had two weeks ago that seemed to go nowhere, the one where they said that the plea deal had been violated because such institutions don't exist and that she would go to jail because of it. When are we going to hear more of that?

526 days ago

LA Native    

AAm I too late for lemon drops??

526 days ago
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