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Ray J's

Kim K Diss Track


4/8/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop what you're doing ... put down the Cheetos ... and listen to the magic that is Ray J as he sings about banging Kim Kardashian ... 'cause TMZ has the first clip.

Ladies and gentleman ... we give you 30 seconds of "I Hit It First." You're welcome.

Now that you've listened -- and let's be honest it's pretty catchy -- remember why we've gathered here today ... so Ray J can remind Kanye West he's getting nothing but sloppy seconds​.

Kanye WOULD respond with a rebuttal track ... but he's too busy releasing chart-topping albums.


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Stop It    

Lol lol. That song is tight. Fu+k KK

470 days ago


He didn't hit it first... MJ's nephew did!

470 days ago


TMZ sounds like a dirty mouth teenage boy telling stories in the high school bathroom. Grow up and get some class! Leave the gutter talk for your private moments and keep out of the public view. It's tasteless, true or not.

Ray J shouldn't have ever said it and TMZ demeans itself by repeating it!

Harvey, you need to give your crew a talking to about class and common civility. They have finally crossed the line. Reign them in!

470 days ago


Kanye releasing chart-topping albums? Which ones are those? Some obscure black rap nothings somewhere in the US?? Kanye hasn't released anything credible in years that sells anywhere in the world (cept maybe some **** in Detroit, who knows). Three years ago Kanye West was news, he's not now, nor is his fat whore, cut your contracts with Kris Jenner and move on, TMZ - time is WELL up on this trash.;

470 days ago


Love it!

470 days ago


Sitchoassdown Ray J

470 days ago



470 days ago


Have any of you actually looked at Kim's sex tape critically? If you do, you will see that it's a pretty nicely done video. Very professional looking, good camera work and very polished. TOO POLISHED and TOO PROFESSIONAL to be an amateur, impromptu home video!

I think that it was, just like her "reality" show, scripted and rehearsed. I think it was planned and deliberate and calculated.

Before that sex tape, Kim was pretty much a Paris Hilton wannabe with very few follower. Afterward, her name is a household word - a dirty household word, but prominent nonetheless!0

Now who, in the K family is smart enough and calculating enough to pull all that off? How is greedy enough to basically prostitute a family member for fame and fortune like that? Kim aint that smart. Kourtney is too self-centered to even think of anyone else. Khloe, I have to say, just isn't that low anbd sneaky.

So, it' not them, but it's someone, low, sneaky, greedy and immoral. Can anyome guess? Yep!!

I'm betting the whole sex tape affair, from planning to sale, from beginning to end, to the occasional mentioning of it when ratings sag, was brought to the world by Manager Mom, Kris!!!

Anyone doubt this truth?

470 days ago


I can't believe he pooped on her and then she ate it. She will eat anything-no wonder she's so fat.

470 days ago


Unless you're one of the few people out there to marry a young virgin, most people have a mate who someone "hit first." The key is finding someone with no major past baggage. Baggage like an immature wannabe-gangster ex who makes childish songs bragging on their sex from a decade ago. Might also help to date someone who doesn't have a few million copies of a sex tape floating around as well. Kanye knew what he was signing up for. Deal with it.

470 days ago


LOL look at the old pic of Kim. SOOOoooooooooo much plastic surgery since then, yet she denies it.

470 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

If I were Kim I'd be offended that the song sucks so bad. What he coulda sang about was the fact that he was with her before legions of plastic surgery procedures. Back when she was really super cute.

470 days ago


This is better than that long drawn out divorce hearing!!
Kumye will probably have a hissy fit, and I think that right there is hilarious!
I can't stand Kumye!

470 days ago


For all those who calling Ray J jealous because Kim prefer Kanye. Actually, Kim still hasn't gotten over Reggie.

470 days ago


He should have said head going south s going north

470 days ago
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