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Ray J's

Kim K Diss Track


4/8/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop what you're doing ... put down the Cheetos ... and listen to the magic that is Ray J as he sings about banging Kim Kardashian ... 'cause TMZ has the first clip.

Ladies and gentleman ... we give you 30 seconds of "I Hit It First." You're welcome.

Now that you've listened -- and let's be honest it's pretty catchy -- remember why we've gathered here today ... so Ray J can remind Kanye West he's getting nothing but sloppy seconds​.

Kanye WOULD respond with a rebuttal track ... but he's too busy releasing chart-topping albums.


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Only Kanye was dumb enough to get her pregnant. Which he's regretting since March 3rd. Come on TMZ .. Just print the story already. Are you waiting till after the annulment case?

531 days ago


Well now we know why she took the morning after pill every other day.

531 days ago


Stop what you're doing ... put down the Cheetos ... and listen to your commentors. We are SICK TO DEATH OF KIM KARDASHIAN! STOP RUNNING SO MANY NON-STORIES ABOUT HER!
Thank you.

531 days ago


Wait, does Kanye West even knows who Ray J is? You know I kinda of always thought that Ray J released that sex tape as a claim to fame no wanting to be Brandy's little brother anymore and this kind of confirms it. But it had the opposite effect
Kim came up because of it and here he is trying to use Kim again to come up on her. He tried to use Whitney go come up and still couldn't get up. He used Brandy to come up and still couldn't. Seems to me he's trying to use every teet he ever sucked on to get ahead. Note to Ray J, sleeping with Kim is not something to brag about but something that should be between you and your doctor, lol.

531 days ago


Wow Ray J...I knew you were a cornball trying to ride your big sis' coattails(when she was popular), but I had NO IDEA u were THAT pathetic. It's official now. The only not-as-famous sibling I respect now is Charlie Murphy.

531 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

seconds? Are you kidding TMZ? It's closer to sloppy seventy seconds...

531 days ago


Why didn't he put a song out when she was with Reggie or with Kris. This isn't about Kim this is about getting his sh*ttt a$$ music out there because Kanye. He knows who Kanye is and what he's capable of doing. He used Kim's name so every media picked it up. This Willie aka Ray J played everyone perfectly. It sounds like a 12yr olds music but with dirty lyrics. It's not good at all. He has no talent so he needed a gimmick. Here we all are talking about a has been.

531 days ago


Look at that pre-plastic surgery bimbo in that picture. Lol. It's like night and day. She shouldn't even call herself an Armenian since she decided to get rid of her dominant Armenian features with Michael Jackson-like surgery.

531 days ago


Really considerate of Ray J to wait till Kanye dumps her before releasing the song.

531 days ago


Kinda immature dont you think. Seems like the "rap" industry is retarded anymore.

531 days ago


Ray J, you're lame. Get a life. This song would have mattered five years ago. lol lol

531 days ago


Try sloppy 60th's or thereabouts TMZ. Kris let Kim go on birth control when she was only like 14 or 15, which should tell you a lot and she probably wasn't even a virgin then. The only man Kim has ever turned down for sex is probably Kris Humphries.

531 days ago

tish mary    

He can no longer mooch off of Whitney, so he's back to trying to ride Kim's coat tails for relevance. He gets more and more pathetic. He's hoping Kanye responds so the controversy can put some $ in his dwindled account! LET IT GO RAY J! He's been milking this sex tape for so long it's just sad now. How about making an actual HIT to sell records?

531 days ago


The record company is wasting money on this guy...whos gonna buy his CD?...only his groupies... him and his voice,irritate the hell outta me...

531 days ago


I cant hear anything. ...

531 days ago
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