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Ray J's

Kim K Diss Track


4/8/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop what you're doing ... put down the Cheetos ... and listen to the magic that is Ray J as he sings about banging Kim Kardashian ... 'cause TMZ has the first clip.

Ladies and gentleman ... we give you 30 seconds of "I Hit It First." You're welcome.

Now that you've listened -- and let's be honest it's pretty catchy -- remember why we've gathered here today ... so Ray J can remind Kanye West he's getting nothing but sloppy seconds​.

Kanye WOULD respond with a rebuttal track ... but he's too busy releasing chart-topping albums.


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I am definitely not a Kim Kardashian fan at all, but this is just pathetic from Ray J. He's obviously cashing in on her "fame". But it's a bit late though. He could have had more cred if he made this track right after the sex tape, but this many years after... that just screams desperate..... he obviously knows that he can't get his music career on track on his own....

533 days ago


WOW, Kim looks completely different today then she does in this picture w/ Ray J. Look at how HUGE her nose is and how small her tah-tahs are.
Didn't she deny having had plastic surgery?

533 days ago


The mind is a terrible thing to waste, who buys this filth?

533 days ago


Its a shame that Ray J has to make a living off of Kim by doing this. He has 6 million and Kanye has 80 million...a little jealous!!!!

533 days ago


its so tacky for him to release a song now....She dated many men after him, and yet he waits until she dates another person in the industry. Hey tough guy, how come you never put out a sone when she was dating Reggie? you know what, cause you would get your a$$ whooped like no ones business. I just hope Kanye takes the high road.

533 days ago

Patricia Beason    

Ray J is a douche,he may have hit "it" first but he exploited "it".Kanye may not be the most popular of the rappers at least he loves Kim , Douche?Baby Daddy? Douche loses,get a life!

533 days ago


Wow! That just sucks! Lmao wht the hrll was he thinking. Lol :-)

533 days ago


Mr West.... You are up. What is your response?

533 days ago


Phleeeez!!! He acts like she was a virgin when he hit that, we all know there were many, many before Ray J! Funny attention seeking looser tho! Maybe Ray J. Can make another porn with Chaz Bono? He will get a lot of attention again for just a thought, he seems very desperate.

533 days ago


Thats some funny s/////t.And a video to prove it.What you got kanyaaaaa?

533 days ago


Kim is married to someone else and pg by another man ! This is how Kim and her family make their money everyday! Why can't Ray J do the same thing?? Why is it wrong? The Kardashians do disgusting things on their shows every week to make money.

533 days ago


I dont underatand why Ray J cares anymore? Im sure Ray J got sloppy 23rds.....WHO CARES?? Hes like a stalker ex boyfriend...Ray J, let it go!!! noone gives a sh*t except you.

533 days ago


I think this is a pathetic way for ray who?" to get his name back out there. He tried destroying her life years ago by putting out a sex tape about her that ended up back firing in his face because all it did was make her a house hold name and an heiress to a multi-million dollar franchise that she created for herself! What the hell has he done?!?! He's so lame! Instead of focusing on his non existant career, he's making dumb ass auto tuned music trying to cash in on his ex girlfriend! GET OVER IT!! I can't await until Kanye comes out with a song about how his sister killed someone in a car accident!

533 days ago


he has taken B-tch a-- to a new level

533 days ago


How much classless does it get than the Armenian hoe and a guy who's a name whore from the show for the love of ray jay. Seriously what intelligent worthy guy would go for a hoe like her. So she bounces from one thug to the next. Ray jay to kanye disgusting from the beginning to end

533 days ago
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