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Mel B

Booed AGAIN on 'AGT'

... Over a Black Joke

4/9/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel B
isn't winning any hearts and minds in the "America's Got Talent" audience ... sources tell TMZ, she just got booed AGAIN ... this time over an arguably racist joke.

Sources at the NYC auditions tell TMZ, a comedian took the stage moments ago and began to tell a joke about how black taxi drivers are more entertaining than other taxi drivers ... and Mel buzzed him.

She said, "I found it really offensive. There was no need to do a stereotypical black joke. It was not funny." But the audience disagreed ... booing Mel for hitting the red button. 

Fellow judge Howie Mandel then asked the audience if they thought the joke was offensive ... and the audience replied with a loud NO.

Howard Stern said Mel lacked a sense of humor and Heidi Klum chimed in, saying, "There will always be jokes made about being black and white ... I agree with you that we should laugh about it."

So we gotta ask ...


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Racial discussions in a TMZ Comments Section is never going to work. Too many immature, hateful, miscreants. But a lot of the comments have actually been good.

539 days ago


Racism is funny as hell as long as you don't really mean it. I love telling my black friends racist jokes.

539 days ago


If you don't take your self too seriously, then yes, racially charged jokes can be funny. If you don't agree with that, then you are not allowed to laugh at Richard
Pryor, one of the most racial comedians ever. Funniest also!

539 days ago

Tracy Morgan    

Just remember folks race jokes are just fine with TMZ but any gay jokes and Harvey and the Pink Mafia will act like its some hate crime.

539 days ago


I would buzz him too, for being such a ****ing hack

539 days ago


My husband is black and laughs at ALL jokes he loves a good black joke and loves a good white joke and jokes about all races!!! PEOPLE lightened the F up for crying out loud!!!

539 days ago


Race or religion should be fair game in comedy, as long as it's evenly distributed. Lighten up!

539 days ago


I was actually there a few hours ago when the taxi guy was preforming

1. He wasn't talking black taxi drivers vs other taxi drivers, he was talking about the taxi RIDERS were more entertaining.

2. Even though the other judges were saying she didn't have a sense of humor, many of the judges didn't find that particular joke funny either.

3. He was also joking about "picking up" black passengers which the audience booed at

Personally, I didn't find him extremely funny, and i
think if you are gonna joke about race you gotta be gosh darn sure that it'll make people laugh.

539 days ago


She just has a stick up her butt at all times, that's all.

539 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Why are people so desperate to silence people who mention colour? By making the claim that 'Black' taxi drivers are 'more entertaining' than another race is racist. Law defines it as "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races".
However, actual human beings (not lawyers) laugh when these supposed 'qualities' are lampooned in a ribald way. Same as the kid with glasses or fat or a big nose or something. This is part of becoming a human being and learning to live with the disappointment of your existence and that of those primates around you. Rather than whining at some fantasy authority like Harvey Levin for approval, why don't you ignore agenda thrusting perverts like that and remember that sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you. Why would you want a job with a company of people who hate your guts - a happy slave? It appears that the lawyers have converted racism into a method of getting other peoples stuff, because you felt stupid. Perhaps you are stupid, but I will be the judge, just like you can. That is equality. You cannot silence people you disagree with and claim equality, that's totalitarian.

539 days ago


@Fox I'm just stating how a 4 yr old open my eyes. It's like when I tell Americans where my grandparents are from. And there like I didn't know black people came from Scotland. And yes they've been there going back 245 yrs. We even have our own Clan and that's Clan with a C not K.
You tell an American your dark skin relative is from Ireland and there like but how how is that possible, how did that happen.
A 4yr old open my eyes. And I use that now. I speak to people and say the Cream guy over there cause I've never met a snowball looking colored person.

539 days ago


You know it wasn't until I moved here that I got more questions about my race than in my whole life. Mixed with 5 races. People kept asking me but how, but how and when I explained I got beat up for it. so my father told me to just say, you're from earth.
I'd never heard 99% of these insults so I didn't know what these people were talking about.
I didn't know what extentions were, clip ons, horse hair. Any of that.
Got my hair pulled and a Caucasian girl tried to cut my hair b/c I didn't understand what she was saying when she said if it was horse hair. I said I get if from my mother. She didn't understand me and I didn't understand her. She took scissors out and I ran to the teacher. My hair is long and thick very thick down to my butt. I cut it and it grows back.
All I knew was that if we wanted to have longer hair we grew it and short we cut it. It took me about 3 yrs to get yall American racist jokes. Esp to mix people. I got in fights for just saying I came here on a plane and kids kept saying on a boat. I kept imagining how could you come this far on a boat, you would die or something.
I learned racism here, so now I have nephews and nieces born here and I have them on guard against these racist jokes.

539 days ago

nusox n draws    

she wud awl up inna bed....nekkit

539 days ago


N*I*G*G*E*R*S are silly.

539 days ago


I guess punk A** people gotta comment with the Word n**ga @johnny go in streets and say that to one and watch your punk A** get stomp to the concrete

539 days ago
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