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Ashley Judd

Religious Beliefs Mocked

By KY Senator's Staff

4/9/2013 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Judd's view of God is a joke ... laughable ... this according to Sen. Mitch McConnell's staff which was caught on tape mocking Judd's views on God during a February strategy session.
The discussion took place during a "Know Your Enemy" meeting ... in which Team McConnell discusses the ammo they'd have against Judd in case she runs for McConnell's seat. McConnell's voice can be heard during parts of the recording.

At one point, someone plays a recording of Judd describing her religious beliefs:

"I still choose the God of my understanding as the God of my childhood. I have to expand my God concept from time to time, and you know particularly I enjoy native faith practices, and have a very nature-based God concept. I'd like to think I'm like St. Francis in that way. Brother Donkey, Sister Bird."

One of McConnell's staffers can be heard laughing ... saying, "Brother Donkey, Sister Bird!"

Another staffer laughs and says, "The people at Southeast Christian [Church] would take to the streets with pitchforks."

During the session, the McConnell team also discusses Judd's mental health history.

One staffer tells Mitch -- "She's clearly ... this sounds extreme ... but she is emotionally unbalanced."

"I mean -- it's been documented,” the aide says. The campaign “can go in chapter and verse from her autobiography about, you know, she's suffered some suicidal tendencies. She was hospitalized for 42 days when she had a mental breakdown in the 90s."

Judd is also described as "anti-sort-of-traditional American family."

It's clear from the audio tape, McConnell's team doesn't feel threatened at all by Judd -- in fact, it sounds like they viewed her potential political run as a joke.

The audio was posted by lefty mag Mother Jones ... which also released the infamous “47%” video that torpedoed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

But the GOP strategy plot was all for naught -- Judd recently announced she would NOT be running for office after all.

As for Team McConnell -- his campaign team isn’t happy the audio leaked out -- and is asking the feds to investigate. Said campaign manager Jesse Benton: "Watergate-style tactics to bug campaign headquarters are above and beyond.”


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If that's actually what she said in public no wonder they're mocking it. It's pretty comical especially the last half. She sounds stoned or something.

570 days ago

paul a.    

They weren't "caught on tape"with a hot mic on a podium, a closed room speech or in a studio. This was an illegal wire tap where the expectation of privacy was paramount.. I'm glad the FBI was called in.
BTW, do you really think Obama's people were anymore gentle with say, Sarah Palin when no one was listening?

570 days ago


Because McConnell is one to mock another's mentality...

570 days ago


Let me guess this guy isn't pro-homo or pro-"choice" (w/o being informed). I seems to me that they were suggesting that chick is a nutcase---and they're right in a in accordance to the PPCE (pre political correctness era) where the only nutcases that's fair game to attack is Christianity.

570 days ago


Enter anti Christian sentiments from "tolerant" leftist wackos

570 days ago


Ppl who have no respect for other's beliefs are on slippery slope! Your beliefs could be next! Shame on you!

570 days ago


This angry pelican paid by the people he crushes it's pure insanity ..The Right are always wrong..making $ 100 +K , medical etc paid vacations, sweet pension but ya vote against a minimum wage increase? PURE FILTH

570 days ago


What would really be funny (and awesome) is if she decides to throw her hat back into the race, and do it with both barrels blazing. Use the full power of both Hollywood and the DNC to out fundraise him by 10 fold. Turtleneck needs to be bit*h slapped out of office.

570 days ago


A good example of what happens after many of our government officials get elected. No wonder nothing is getting done for the people by Congress. They are a complete disgrace and they are not representing anyone but themselves. Come the next election I have a feeling there will be some major changes in Washington.

570 days ago


Nice of you to throw that LAST sentence in there. Most of your readers can barely get through a paragraph and you save the criminal aspect of this for the last sentence?
If evidence of wiretapping was found in a liberal dems campaign office, that would have been the headline. Biased much?

570 days ago


She never had a chance at winning the election. Kentucky is a conservative state. They would not elect a liberal hollywood loon. She should take her pro gun control, pro gay anything, liberal self to California and run for office.

570 days ago


What her religious believes are, are not his business! He sold jobs to China, in other words he has sold out America to put millions in his own pocket. Kentucky needs to get smart and stop voting in this thief!! Then he goes to church every Sunday, snake!

570 days ago


Mitch McConnell is nothing more than a Red Neck Right Wing Lunatic!

570 days ago


Kentucky would be better served if McConnell does not run either. He is one of the GOP establishment do nothings that has been in DC too long. I do not think Judd is informed enough to make a difference for America. She needs to stick to acting.

570 days ago

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra    

Shut the front door..a politician will use public info to campaign against an opponent??!! No way! If you actually listen to the recording, they simply discussed her vulnerability to the press and what could be used to show she is less of a candidate. If you had bugged a typical liberal meeting, instead you would hear what stuff they were going to make up, exaggerate, create, and lie about.

570 days ago
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