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Dick Gregory

The Racists Are Out to Get

Beyonce and Jay-Z

4/9/2013 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay-Z are taking heat for the Cuba excursion because all the RACIST WHITE PEOPLE are on the hunt to attack African Americans -- so claims legendary comedian Dick Gregory.

Gregory -- whose political attacks are epic -- told our photog at Reagan National Airport,  Beyonce and Jay-Z have been skewered because of the color of their skin.

And he warns everyone ... "We're not the caretaker of Black folk."

And one more thing -- Gregory seems to think Dennis Rodman went to North Korea as part of an Obama-sanctioned secret mission.

Dick Gregory -- old but still bold.


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It doesn't matter what race that you are the point is they visited a communist country like it was a holiday!

560 days ago

Jeanie Texas    

no racist are not out to get Jack and is just why are all these rich people allowed to visit Cuba?

560 days ago


Lot's of people travel to Cuba...who the hell cares!

560 days ago


There is nothing racist about this Americans shouldnt be in Cuba period! I really dislike that some of my people play the race card any chance they get. Racism exists but this is not an example of it.

560 days ago


Just a little problem... the Republicans that submmited the petition to investigate are CUBANS not White. Point Moot Dick Gregory. Nobody cares about you anyway...

560 days ago


Why is it only blacks can play the race card? Why can they have BET, and affirmative action and if a white cop shoots a kid with a gun its outrage but if that kid shot the cop they say nothing..Give me a break with all the BS

560 days ago


So JZ and Bey went to Cuba. Who cares. What is this a big deal.

560 days ago

Pet peeves    

"Old but bold and still dumb as a box of rocks"

560 days ago


That's right Gregory...tell it like it is!!!

560 days ago


@Haha I will never fully understand the whole "Blacks are being mindlessly led by Obama" thing when the reverse can be said for some whites. Just like there are some blacks who vote for Obama based on race, there a numerous whites, or non blacks that voted against Obama solely based on race. In other words, there were numerous whites who hated Mitt Romney, but voted for him anyway because they didnt want to vote for the black guy. Im just saying, if people want to point out one side, point out the other as well. Also, I could understand this stance if Obama was Republican. Blacks never vote Republican, so if he was a black Republican, and they all went out to vote, I could understand. But he's a black Democrat. Blacks have been voting Democrat for YEARS. It simply doesn't make any sense to me.

560 days ago


Isn't he out of steam yet? Geez? He is one of those blacks that thinks that everyone who says anything about a black person is a racist. Like me, for instance, saying this about DG.. probably makes ME a racist. UGH........I would tell him to get a life much more life does he want?

560 days ago

buzz kill    

What is it with these people? Every time a white person is critical of or disagrees with a black person it is always racist. What can we call it when a white person disagrees with another white person? Often the person accusing another is the person that is guilty, I think its called projection or something.

560 days ago


White folk dont be scared

560 days ago


Oh be quiet Dick !! TMZ you need to post the video rant Jay Z made against white people while at a club a year or so ago (why is it if your black everyone should be quiet about you- if your white it is ok for bashing like he did)

560 days ago


What? Poor ignorant man. The reason it matters Dick Gregory is NOT because Jay Zero and Bay-Bay are black or whatever, it is because Cuba is communistic! The government oppresses their people! Cubans are slaves and so many die die TRYING TO ESCAPE for a chance to LIVE IN OUR COUNTRY to breathe in FREEDOM! To spend ONE tourism dollar (aka "cultural visit") there is to endorse the government's enslaving the people of Cuba. Jay-ZERO and Bay-bay spit in the face of Cubans. It is a slap in the face to the slaves Cuba keeps imprisoned on that hell island. WAKE UP and LIVE IN THE TRUTH! RISE UP out of ignorance where you have been manipulated and trapped! The very ones getting you all riled up over lies are the ones that can only survive if you remain their villager! They keep you enraged in order to keep you distracted from what they are doing! I used to be where you are, get UP and get out of that ignorance, it does NOT look good on you!

560 days ago
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