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Dick Gregory

The Racists Are Out to Get

Beyonce and Jay-Z

4/9/2013 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay-Z are taking heat for the Cuba excursion because all the RACIST WHITE PEOPLE are on the hunt to attack African Americans -- so claims legendary comedian Dick Gregory.

Gregory -- whose political attacks are epic -- told our photog at Reagan National Airport,  Beyonce and Jay-Z have been skewered because of the color of their skin.

And he warns everyone ... "We're not the caretaker of Black folk."

And one more thing -- Gregory seems to think Dennis Rodman went to North Korea as part of an Obama-sanctioned secret mission.

Dick Gregory -- old but still bold.


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What the white ppl here don't understand is that this country is racist. Still. If u aren't experiencing it, how would u kno? U whites have had the control of the county since it was established and, no. U don't like to see wealthy black ppl. No matter what they do.

540 days ago


Crackers are just totally misinformed because of the bubble world they live in which is made up of lies.

540 days ago


Well, I'm black and I'm pissed about their authorized trip to Cuba. I'm not anyone's keeper. But, if I have to follow certain laws, how is it that others do not?

540 days ago


Yeah,this old F**k is 'bat **** Crazy'..blaming 'white' people for everything is SOooooo 1980's!..get yo head out yo ass dick!.

540 days ago


Why do racists and race card players have to use racism as their answer? Because they don't have the intelligence to do otherwise.

540 days ago


So basically, if you don't agree with something someone is doing and they're not of your skin color, you're a racist? What a stupid comment. He sounds more like a jaded little kid than a wise old man.

540 days ago


TMZ does it all the time

540 days ago


Of course it was racist, because every white person in the world is a card carrying member of the KKK, attend weekly meetings and do nothing but sit around all day plotting ways to display this racism in every thing we say and do. At least that seems to be the general opinion of Dick Gregory, Spike Lee, Al Sharpton to name a few. And, it's not like anything black people do to white people is remotely racist now is it?

540 days ago


First of all Beyonce isn't black anymore. Second of all those racist white people made Beyonce and Jay-Z pretty rich. The only racism I see is the fact that they are presented as the best of blackness not a high school diploma between either of them. Black people should be appalled that there culture is so down played but Beyonce and Jay-Z are the problem not the answer.

540 days ago


Another liberal douche

540 days ago


Seriously fck him and everyone else who tries to pull the race card. It's just stupid..

540 days ago


Still irrelevant after all these years.

540 days ago


Hahahaha....Dick told this typical white nosey ass TMZ demonic "bias" reporter that he should basically stay the **** out of rich black grown folks business....:)

540 days ago


What a Richard...

540 days ago


Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Alanis Morissette, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Robert De Niro ALL visited Cuba. Sean & Michael were there as recently as 2009 where Sean interviewed Fidel Castro’s brother Raul (WTF!!!) but I can’t seem to find anything online about any Florida Republicans requesting any investigations into how they broke the law…oh right, cuz they didn’t. So Mr. Gregory is simply asking why no one said anything about the “white” people who went to Cuba but when Jay-Z & Beyonce go it becomes an “incident” for Republicans and maybe it has nothing to do with their color…maybe it’s just a coincidence. They are rich & beautiful…I suppose if I were “you people”, I’d be mad too!!! Just kidding.

540 days ago
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