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Kim's Witness List

Kris Knew What Was Up

4/9/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian
just filed her divorce witness list ... and it's now clear as can be -- Kim's lawyer is calling a bunch of witnesses who were involved in the prenup to show Kris knew EXACTLY what he was getting into before saying "I do."

As you know, Kris is claiming he was defrauded into marrying Kim ... left in the dark about her true intentions.  But now we know 6 witnesses will testify that Kris was actively involved in every detail surrounding the prenup.

In fact, sources connected with the couple tell us ... Kim and Kris were constantly bickering over details in the prenup and that he was as interested in the business of marriage as she was.
Among the witnesses ... 2 managers who were heavily involved in the prenup, at least one lawyer involved in the document and a court reporter who was present when the prenup was signed. 

There are other witnesses who will testify about the prenup, including Kim and Kris Jenner.

Short story -- the mission of Kim's lawyer is clear -- Kris went into this eyes wide open.


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Ivan in Phoenix    

If Kris was in on it, he would have made sure he got 50% of the wedding gifts and half the money they got for the rights to televise it.

563 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

I have a question, If Kim is right in that Kris knew that it was a " Staged" wedding event, can the people at say People magazine sue the Kardashian/Humphries clans for fraud if they paid millions of dollars to get exclusive pics? And if it's true can I as a person potentially sue because I was defrauded if I bought the magazine for the pictures? If Kim is right and she opens up the floodgates for fraud she will be in for a world of hurt financially. Time for a "Class Action" law suit people.

562 days ago


Whether Kris get what he wants out of this or not is irrelevant. Kim evidently can't get her so called love Kenye West to show his face with her now she's gained her baby weight. How insensitive can a person get, and I guess she'll make an excuse for him, cuss no guy is going to do that to KK. I never thought I say this , but I'm starting to feel sorry for her.But She's a grown woman, and she did everything with her eyes open. The sex tape, the marriage, everything. So if there's any consequences to suffer, she'll have to suffer those too, Alone it looks like with her baby in tow.

562 days ago


This is a stupid article, even for TMZ. It's Kim's witness list; obviously, those on it will support her side. That's the point. I suppose the next shocking revealing article will be about how Kris' lawyer is, so surprisingly, helping Kris.

562 days ago


I dont really think kris cares i think he is doing this to f _ck with her

562 days ago


I love how TMZ is sure to point out the Kim Kardashian-HUMPHRIES and her PIMP are both witnesses (and will obviously be taking the stand).
Thanks for letting the Judge (and Jury?) know that 2 of the 6 witnesses are KNOWN LIARS. Sorry Kimmie "urinal" kakes...if you told people the sky is blue no one would believe you.

562 days ago


Well how come none of this made it onto the show? And what does a prenup have to do with her divorcing him after 72 days? It sounds like she's admitting she had no intention of staying with him and married him for publicity which is what he's been alleging the whole time. Sorry Kimho you still come off looking like a b.itch but I wish you well with your kanyaby!

562 days ago


The only thing Humphreys can't really claim is thst he was tricked into marrying Kim. It wss he who proposed to her snd went as far as to ask her step dad for permission. Poor sap jyst thought the love was mutual. He didn't know the only thing the Kardashians love is money. Wait I take that back. Kortney loves Scott. They're the only genuine couple of the bunch.

562 days ago


Kris H is such a cry baby...hanging on for dear life! #goawayplz

562 days ago


The parties will meet Friday to attempt an agreement prior to the court date.... This should be interesting. Hoping Kris gets his annulment.

562 days ago


Kris H you deserve your anullment !!!

562 days ago


What a joke by tmz. The prenup has jack **** to do with an annulment. Saying he was involved in it. Of course he was why wouldn't he be. What's that got to do with it being a sham of a marriage. Tmz fools. Kissing ass. The public aren't as stupid as you think.

562 days ago


How the F can you not know what your getting in to, she has a freakin tv show. dumba$$.

561 days ago


Tmz why are u sucking up to the kardasjians? Oh yeah, Harvey. He has such a big huge crush on Ryan Seacrest it's pathetic! Ryan will never come out as gay. Give up HARVEY!!!

561 days ago


Dude, can Krishna H be a man and make his own money. as for Kim Ks weight gain its cruel for anybody to speculate in public eye or not. Is like to see your pregnancy pics. ****ing asshokrs with no shame. I hope all of you *******s picking on a women for being pregnant and no longer a sex symbol to walk a mile in her shoes. **** mind your own and when your pregnant or your wife, karmas a bitch and I'm sure you can't afford a personal trainer! I swear get down on a pregnant woman... ha ha ha Ur lucky it wasn't me because is say **** u and put everything on hold and not appear in public. is **** your pocketbook! *****

559 days ago
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