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Kim's Witness List

Kris Knew What Was Up

4/9/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian
just filed her divorce witness list ... and it's now clear as can be -- Kim's lawyer is calling a bunch of witnesses who were involved in the prenup to show Kris knew EXACTLY what he was getting into before saying "I do."

As you know, Kris is claiming he was defrauded into marrying Kim ... left in the dark about her true intentions.  But now we know 6 witnesses will testify that Kris was actively involved in every detail surrounding the prenup.

In fact, sources connected with the couple tell us ... Kim and Kris were constantly bickering over details in the prenup and that he was as interested in the business of marriage as she was.
Among the witnesses ... 2 managers who were heavily involved in the prenup, at least one lawyer involved in the document and a court reporter who was present when the prenup was signed. 

There are other witnesses who will testify about the prenup, including Kim and Kris Jenner.

Short story -- the mission of Kim's lawyer is clear -- Kris went into this eyes wide open.


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like britany any one who is overly loved , turns out to be hated.. U can tell the tides are turning from love to hate with Kim...I am speaking as a spectator.. i never loved brit either ~so i just watch fans, love her~ rip her apart~ hate her~ love her with distaste lmao hahaha it happens almost like clock work.

530 days ago


Grasping at straws...

530 days ago


Come on TMZ! Of course he knew he was getting married and that the marriage would generate money. I don't think that is what he is disputing. He is saying she went in with the intention of not staying married which is a different story! I don't think that anybody watching that garbage of a show can dispute that! no married woman in her right sense would be entertaining a naked man in her living room...

530 days ago


F@ck off Harvey....go ahead and change the name to KMZ. already.....you are trashing this site and losing any respect you had....all for these skanks? What does pigmom have over you?..our sources....just say the Krapdashians, we all know you have a direct feed from them.

530 days ago


another planted story courtesy of the Pimp Mom herself. How much did you guys pay for this one?

530 days ago


Unless there's something in the pre-nup that says Khump will not be allowed to move in with Kim and she'll file for divorce within 90 days of the marriage then this article is typical KMZ garbage. Was KHump not supposed to be actively involved in the preparation of the pre-nup? Was he supposed to let the Ktrash team handle everything and just sign on the line that they pointed out to him? KMZ must think that we're all buffoons like Mike Walters.

530 days ago


I see we're back to pro-trashian stories.

530 days ago


KH has not brought up the PRENUP - it's saying the MARRIAGE was FRAUD.
I guess Harvey's milkin' the KOW-dashians while he can cuz once the ANNULMENT is granted - Kimmie and Co will fade away as will the money from the Pimp.

530 days ago


Oh great... Kris Jenner is one of the witnesses. There will be no truths coming out of those lying lips.

530 days ago


So what, TMZ? All of that is irrelevant if the marriage was fraud (and it was).

530 days ago


You have to read some of the interviews with Humps ex(Bianka Kammer). You will see who the fraud is in this mess. The Hump used to always tell her that he hated Kim and her show. So after they broke up about 2 months later she heard he was going out with Kim. Then 6 months later he married her. So why would you marry someone you hated?Hmmm me thinks he was pissed that the show ended for him(no more money he was banking on). So who defrauded who?

530 days ago


I thought Kim kept claiming it was a real real real marriage, but it sounds like she's now admitting it was a sham? I might be wrong-someone feel free to correct me if I am.

530 days ago


I love how the TRASH-KAN-KLAN keep making it about the PRE-NUP.

530 days ago


So Kim's saying they agreed to defraud the public together?

530 days ago


So TMZ is saying it themselves that Kim had no intention of staying married to Kris. Well thank you for saying in print yourself. This should help Kris in the court room.

530 days ago
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