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David Letterman

Grills Lindsay

Are You An Addict?

4/9/2013 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman grilled Lindsay Lohan like a cheeseburger today ... firing off question after question about her upcoming stint in rehab ... until Lindsay finally shot back with a dig of her own.

Letterman broke the ice by asking, "Aren't you supposed to be in rehab now?"

Lindsay responded, "Don't you watch anything that goes on? What are you a tabloid now?"

Lohan eventually told Dave what he wanted to hear -- she'll be entering rehab on May 2 and believes it's "a blessing and not a curse."

Letterman kept pressing ... asking if Lohan believes she truly has an addiction problem -- and that's when Lindsay hit back.


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501 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Some honest answers and not making a joke of herself would have been nice, but we all know she is not capable of that.

501 days ago


If the drugs and booze don't kill her, that throat cancer certainly will.

501 days ago


Did she get a nose job?

501 days ago


the poor thing looks so old beyond her years ...sad really

501 days ago


First, put a bra on! Your girls are hanging down to your waist. Second - denial is what you are in. If you can't honestly answer why you are going to rehab then you are in denial (so what is new). Also, did I hear her say she is healthiest when working and that's what she is going to do in rehab? This truly was sad and Letterman did not GRILL her - simple, easy questions that she would not answer and dodged them anyway she could.

501 days ago


David Letterman's Top 10 List.

Top 10 Things overheard in Lindsay Lohan's dressing room before the show:

1. "Can someone get me a straw and mirror please...?"
2. "Listen, I havent had a shower in 2 months. Why start now?"
3. "Dave isn't going to ask me about those bruises all over my legs is he?"
4. "Has that cheque from TMZ come in yet?"
5. " I think I'll wear the "tablecloth dress"
6. "How much are hookers in Thailand making these days?"
7. "Cant Lettterman just pay me in drugs instead of cash?"
8. "Should i joke about the speedball I did last night?"
9. "Can you make sure one more time the applause sign in the studio is working?"
10. "There will be no questions about my escort work..."

501 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Why did her eyes keep shifting back and forth. Isn't that one of the things that people do when they try to deceive others?

501 days ago


Duh, denial is the first symptom.

501 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay got a standing ovation on Letterman. Did the loser haters do that? I'm the real Help.

501 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Obviously slurring her words.

501 days ago

Help This Young Woman    

she is despicable. I would rather spend an afternoon with a crazy retarted orangatang than with her lying azz.

501 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

She sounds and looks like she was up all night. Crackie's got a scratchy voice snd bloated, greasy face. Why on earth did she get those infernal chipmunk cheek implants? You know what they make her look like?"like she's been on long term steroids. I'm waiting for a hump to form on her upper spine. Yeah a nice "dowager's hump would complete her look. That dress is for later in the season. Too autumnal for April.

501 days ago


oh man, lilo was AWESOME on letterman, she didn't weaken and gave smart answers, the h8turds are reeling from disappointment lol

501 days ago


Letterman couldn't give a rats ass if Lohan is on his show or not.

Letterman slammed Lohan right off the bat. Aren't you suppose to be in rehab? He let Lohan make a fool of herself. She did.

Lohan trying to dictate what questions he could ask her. NO. Letterman was trying not to laugh.

Same old Lohan crap. The audience was laughing at her.

501 days ago
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