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Lindsay Lohan


Chooses Sushi Over Deposition

4/9/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0409_lindsay_lohan_SplashIt's finally clear why Lindsay Lohan blew off her deposition in L.A. yesterday ... she REALLY wanted sushi.

Lohan was spotted in New York last night ... walking into Lure Fishbar on Mercer Street ... famous for its fresh, raw fish selection.

We broke the story ... hours before her fish dinner, LiLo no-showed for the scheduled depo on the other side of the country ... in a lawsuit filed by a paparazzo who claims Lindsay's assistant hit him with her car and put him in the hospital.

Lindsay's attorney had told the pap's lawyers that she couldn't get in touch with Lohan -- but it's probably because she wasn't looking in the right fish joint.



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Mumra the Ever Living    

Did she get her lips pumped up again? They look grotesque.

533 days ago


I was in a car accident 10 years ago - a drunk woman ran a red light and smashed into my car. I was hospitalized for injuries, there were witnesses, I sued her because her lousy insurance didn't cover all my injury expenses - I showed up to the deposition, she didn't show up. There was no second or third or fourth deposition. The judge ruled in my favor and she had to pay (and is still paying as her wages are being garnished). I don't understand why Lohan is getting so many deposition breaks - it's simple. No show - you lose. Also - her history as a drunk and cracked up driver makes it a slam dunk. And I don't care that he's a pap - if she was innocent she'd fight this with all she's got and show up to the deposition. But clearly she knows she's guilty - so pay up b!tch.

533 days ago


If they wait until May, she will be in lockdown - somewhere. They can get their depo then. Maybe.......

533 days ago


I can see Lindsay has her fishing bag with her. Notice it looks plastic so that it can hold fish and not leak.
Next we will see someone screaming out the door after Lindsay makes her get away that a bunch of fish filets where stolen. They can just follow the fish smell to Lindsay's hideout for she hasn't bathed in days.

533 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Why isn't she being mobbed by fans? I guess Nicole and Chief Gall were busy.

533 days ago


Well, her big music featival is this weekend, how will she pay for the plane fare for that?

533 days ago


Doesn't matter that Lohan screwed up big time on 2 coastlines. She knows damn well she had to be in court.

The court doesn't give a crap how she get's there. All they care about is that she is in court. Another Lohan intensional no-show.

533 days ago


It's very telling of her future career (ha!) when the main thing being hung over her head about being late for the SM5 premiere is pizzing off Charlie Sheen. It's not future jobs, it's being cut off financially. Oh the irony of the SM5 producers sweating her being late while she's blowing off depositions and court appearances left and right.

533 days ago


Who says she misses samro? She has been chowing down on bearded trout for months

533 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, Lindsay's brand new story debuts under Bob Saget and Snooki...........You KNOW you have hit the Z List when that happens!

533 days ago


Bet she misses her ex GF `` SamRo!!

533 days ago


@Bobbi...exactly. As I posted earlier it's good for the paps Lohan blowing ithis off. It's going to be an automatic judgement against Lohan and she won't be able to to a thing about it.

As usual everyone is there but Lohan. Besides, she's also too busy trying to find a new sugardaddy/dealer and free hotel room for her drunk and drug binges. Who has time for a deposition.

533 days ago


C'mon TMZ where's the pics of the bill? I wanna know how much sake she threw back.

533 days ago


It would be funny if we saw posted here...........

I DID NOT STEAL THOSE FISH FILETS! No one was eating them and they were going to waste just sitting there on the ice. I did them a favor! They just want to make a name for themselves off of me. The fish didn't taste good anyway.
Lindsay Lohan

533 days ago


I don't think anyone knows what the hell to do with her.

533 days ago
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