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Rape Survivors

Want Reebok to Deliver

Rick Ross' Head

4/9/2013 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Reebok supports date rape by supporting Rick Ross ... that's the way a leading women's group and scores of rape survivors see it.

UltraViolet -- a women's rights group 400,000 strong -- is incensed the company​ is not dumping Ross in the wake of his new song, which fantasizes about date rape.

The song -- "U.O.E.N.O."  -- has a line, "Put Molly all in the champagne.  She ain't even know it.  I took her home and I enjoy that.  She ain't even know it."

Molly is slang for Ecstasy.

The group -- along with 150 rape survivors -- grouses, "Every single day that Reebok continues rewarding Rick Ross with a lucrative endorsement deal, Reebok is condoning rape."

We reached out to Reebok today, but we got crickets.

As for Ross ... he issued a lukewarm apology, saying the lyrics were misunderstood and he never used the word rape.

Sometimes you don't have to use the word, when the thought is clear.



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Am I the only one tired of seeing Harveys package on TMZ live?

529 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Rick Ross = THe great hero of GENERATION ZERO

529 days ago


Reebok is not condoning rape. Rick Ross is an idiot & the lyric is in poor taste but you can't make the leap to "Reebok condones rape". They are not responsible for every single thing that someone says or does.

529 days ago


Rick Ross and Madonna's MDNA "jokes" are not funny in any way and of course they both meant what they meant and stop trying to say it doesn't mean what you wanted it to mean. Man up, Ross, and own it.

529 days ago


Good luck on that.

529 days ago


Horrible lyrics period. It shows his vast knowledge of proper English.

529 days ago


Hate crime!

529 days ago


He has a right to sing it but everyone has a right to boycott Rebok that finds this offensive. Im boycotting.

529 days ago


Reebok's PR department is probably scrambling right now. They shouldn't be focusing on Reebok though, focus on Rick Ross. Things like this undermine groups like this, it's too much of a stretch (and looks like a ploy for attention) and the real issue gets ignored because of it.

529 days ago


people still wear Reebok?

529 days ago


Guys that want to drug a person before they have sex with them is because they have a problem with their dix. Can't get it up or herpes or something. F U Reebok. Shameful. If the MEN at Reebok don't do something about this and take a stand, then they probably fantasize about it too. What else are we supposed to think? You both endorse each other, PIGS.

529 days ago


what a disgusting thing to say.
never heard this so called song and never will,
I've also heard em&Em say the most horrible things
about women and children and he still is the biggest rap person around.....dont get it....

529 days ago


That way you act and spew your thoughts are a reflection of yourself.

529 days ago


I'm sorry, drugging women is wrong, but you don't date rape people with Molly, you still retain a lot of your wits on mdma, so if you had sex with a guy on it, the drugs might of made you "more likely to go straight to sex" as it does make you feel like you "love everyone" but the choice was still yours, its not like doing Molly makes you have uncontrollable sex with everyone.

I'd be ok if these ladies were "anti drugs" or a organization which educates people against drugging people, but the fact they will go straight to date rape with molly shows their lack of education about drugs period.

529 days ago


LMFAO ohh well. :P

529 days ago
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