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'Buckwild' City Mayor

Happier than Pig in S***

'Buckwild' Got 86'd

4/10/2013 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mayor of the town where "Buckwild" was filmed is crackin' out the fried chicken and sweet tea now that the show that reinforced Southern stereotypes has gotten the ax.

Charleston, West Virginia Mayor Danny Jones tells us, "I’m relieved and happy the show is cancelled, and so is everyone around here. The show does nothing for us and exaggerates every negative stereotype about us."

Mayor Jones also put on his programming hat, surmising "Buckwild" without Shain Gandee is like biscuits without gravy.

We broke the story ... Shain was found dead in his truck from carbon monoxide poisoning last week, following an off-roading trip with his uncle.

Now if Mayor Jones could only turn cinder blocks into tires ... think how nice those lawns would look.


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First off TMZ get your facts straight. Buckwild was filmed in Sissonville, WV NOT in Charleston, WV. Mayor Jones is NOT the mayor of Sissonville, WV.

528 days ago


But Jersey Shore was ok?

528 days ago


worst show ever .
wait i don't have cable or satellite so guess i was wrong .anyway don't go away i have to pee be right back ..
oh and don't start without me

528 days ago


Hell! I would be too If I was the Mayor of that place.

528 days ago


History lesson: Virginia split apart over opposing ideas of their involvement in the Civil War. Most of Virginia went with the South. The rest of Virginia sided with the North. They broke away from Virginia and renamed themselves West Virginia. Mason Dixon Line anybody?!? Please keep their association where it belongs. There is nothing Southern about that state, It is officially and historically a Northern state. We southerners politely request that you not further insult us by stating/implying that in any way West Virginia is a depiction of Southern culture. Sorry Yankees, West Virginia is all you!

528 days ago


MTV should be axed too!

528 days ago


He's not the mayor of the city where it was filmed. I know accuracy doesn't matter on TMZ but this is just lazy. A simple google search would give you accurate info.

528 days ago


I am from Charleston WV. Danny Jones is misrepresenting the city where he is mayor. Buckwild was filmed in Sissonville and South Charleston WV, so he is not being truthful with TMZ. Also, he should worry about his son that remains in South Central Regional Jail on a drug charge (numerous arrests in the past) rather than worry about Shain Gandee.

528 days ago


Only a matter of time till they all have sextapes.

528 days ago


Please Don't make his ego any larger. He is the mayor of Charleston not Sissonville. I for one am NOT happy about the show being cancelled. I found joy in seeing our communities on national TV. These kids represented West Virginia very well. The people who are complaining must not have watched an episode or lived life when they were younger. Prayers to the Gandee family.

528 days ago

Joao you'll never see a show that reinforced negative but TRUE Jewish stereotypes.
I've often wondered why--Media Jews picked on blacks from the the inception of a electronic and printed media-then blacks ran with it and are now the baboons and buffoon that they were portrayed, then the Jews picked on Italians, and the Irish--now they're working on Muslims and Latinos and they're stupid enough to allow them to do it---but never, never a "comedy" or reality show re/enforcing stereotype of the greedy, bigoted, paranoid, xenophopic Jews...
I've often wondered why.Always the victim never the victimizer .

528 days ago


Little gandee widow ain't sh*t now is she!! ha Didn't belong in the spotlight anyway. Was just a white trash h* Ha Ha Ha lmfao

528 days ago


little gandee widow ain't sh** now is she! Didn't belong in the spotlight to begin with! ha ha ha

528 days ago


I am curious, why do people think these kids are so bad? I watched the show, and they were wild and drank, and were a little reckless but I thought that kinda goes along with being in your early 20's for most people. They seemed to really care about one another and their families. I thought they seemed sweet.

528 days ago

BB not bb    

This sounds disingenuous. I think they are just jealous that some local people got attention. It is like the stuck up people who whined and complained about Jersey Shore. It actually made Italians, NJ, and the shore more popular or even less despised than ever.

Now I had a bad image of West Virginia until this show. Then I saw how the people have hearts and spirit and like to have fun, and it made me appreciate them some. No one likes a bunch of stuck up stiffs, especially when they are hillbillies.

528 days ago
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