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Jimmy Carter

I'm Not a Huge Fan

Of Smooth Nuts

4/10/2013 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former POTUS and peanut farmer Jimmy Carter has VERY specific taste when it comes to his nut butters ... and you'll never guess what it is.

88-year-old Carter -- who ran his family's peanut farm before entering politics -- was out in New York yesterday when we asked how he liked his delicious nutty spreads ... and Carter actually answered.

As for whether he likes to combine his sacred nut paste with jelly ... you'll have to watch the clip.

Now it's your turn to help settle the nut battle once and for all ... so we gotta ask ...


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Harvey, you should be mortified and embarrassed this is the best question your little puberty skippers could ask a former President of the United States. Wow. Just plain pathetic. Next time if you have nothing decent to ask, just say "Hi, How are you?" and snap a decent picture.

559 days ago


OH ! That Jimmy Carter, he's a nut !

559 days ago


I like my extra chunky.

559 days ago


He was undoubtedly the worst president in the history of the United States...until Obama was elected. Damn low information voters...

559 days ago


I love Jimmy carter. Very classy man. Why TMZ can't ask him a better question simply goes to show the immaturity of the staff. It always has to do with male body parts or so sort of question they can turn into a gay joke. If I were gay I would be ashamed of TMZ for making the gay lifestyle a joke on a daily basis.

559 days ago


And so so?

559 days ago


He's still alive??!!

559 days ago


Carter might not have been a great president, but he is a great man. How many people in his position would spend their time building houses for people with their own two hands? He could easily just sit at home and give the occasional $100,000 speech.

559 days ago


What's worse? $4 gas now, or waiting in line for 50 cent gas back then? Recession. Iranian hostage crisis. Argo my Aunt Fanny. They let those hostages go because Reagan was about to be elected and Iran knew he wouldn't let them push us around, anymore. Carter makes George W look like a George Washington.

559 days ago

Roman Moroni    

He's a Nobel Peace Prize winner & that's all you have to ask of him?? That's why the security dude pushed him in the Chevy

559 days ago

Pet peeves    

Isn't she dead yet?

559 days ago


Hey,I was 18 when Jimmy was in office,Life sucked,that is why he did not get a 2nd term,he needs to go back to the farm.

559 days ago


A rare tropical disease called Guinea worm is closer to being eradicated, according to former President Jimmy Carter and other experts.

There are now only 542 known cases of Guinea worm left worldwide, as of 2012, representing a 48% decrease from 2011, officials said Thursday at a news conference.

"We cannot rest until we get and contain the very last case," said Dr. Donald R. Hopkins, affiliated with the Carter Center in Atlanta, which has been instrumental in the effort to wipe out Guinea worm.

The World Health Organization this week said in a report that Guinea worm, also called dracunculiasis, has a global eradication target for the year 2015.

So far, only one disease has reached the status of worldwide eradication since 1980: smallpox.

559 days ago


jimmy carter is the LAST man on earth I would ask advice from on ANY subject.

559 days ago


This shows just how tacky TMZ can be. Why would ask a question like that of a President?

558 days ago
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