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Lindsay Lohan

Tears & Vodka

on Letterman

4/10/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan mixed vodka with rehab -- with a splash of tears -- on David Letterman's show last night.

The most famous defendant since O.J. Simpson says she's taking her impending rehab seriously ... but then -- on camera -- she reached for a coffee cup filled with a mysterious liquid.

Best mug shot ever!

By the way, Linds kept the party going after Letterman -- she hit up 1 Oak Nightclub, and was seen leaving early this morning.

At least she's not driving.


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Right on Lyndsey keep your head up and go to rehab. Self improvement should be something we all think about.

559 days ago


sadly she won't make it past 27. The curse continues.

559 days ago



559 days ago



559 days ago


i dont feel sorry for her in the least. she done all this to herself and continues to do so. she doesnt learn from anything. this is like the 4th, 5th, time she has had court appointed rehab and it does nothing. if this was regular person that wasnt famous she would of been in jail the 2nd time. the court should not be allowed to be blind or stupid because she is famous with money. no sympathy

559 days ago


she was sweating like it was her last line...

559 days ago


That was kind of douchy on Letterman's part.....

559 days ago

Suzy Q     

I missed it so I'm posting the You Tube version.

I liked the interview because she got side blinded and showed how she manipulates men. So glad she'll be able to "take time for herself" in rehab. That's ALL your life is, Lindsay. You don't ever think of a soul except yourself.

Funniest line ever.

559 days ago


Hey Lindsey....quit smoking cigarettes, your voice sounds like your a 78 year old woman with a hole in your throat.

559 days ago

A viewer    

She's looks and acts so used up, just awful for such a young age. She sounds like an old, long-time smoker too. I pray that she gets the help she needs, she just seems so lost.

559 days ago


At the rate she is going, we can omly wait for the article announcing her death

559 days ago


Poor me. Poor me. Pour me another drink

559 days ago


No need to feel sorry for her in this "public intervention". She knows how to cry on cue, so that means nothing. She has no qualms about smearing the victims of her actions in public and in the tabloid. She lies in public repeatedly. She is a public scofflaw. She is a public druggy drunk. She calls the paps to set up photo ops and then weeps about them persecuting her. Now she's selling the line in public that all her troubles are because for some mysterious reason she is being "targeted" by everybody. She gets acting jobs and gives lousy public performances and wreaks havoc on set, causing long production delays and walking off with whatever stuff she takes a fancy to, and then lies about it all in public. She has decided to live her life like this. Dave was actually rather gentle considering. If she were a guy, he really would have ripped into her for her lies, paranoia, and behavior. Who grabs the host's list of questions?!? Who has ever complained that a question wasn't mentioned in the pre-interview?!? She hasn't a clue about how to conduct herself in a real interview. If you don't want to answer certain questions despite claiming everything was fair game- just gracefully say so and charm everyone by shifting into something else interesting to say. She has no charm and nothing interesting to say until she gets permanently sober. She lost her charm deep down inside a vodka bottle long ago. Get to rehab, Lindsay, and actually work at it this time. Then maybe you'll be interesting enough to interview.

559 days ago


I actually felt sad for her as I watched this. She is sooooooo sad and broken. I think when Dave complimented her, it was the first time in months/years where someone had and thats why she got soo emotional. The media makes her feel like s*it 24/7, her dad is an idiot so when you have a man like DL genuinely complimenting her then she really takes that to heaRT. I think thats all she really genuinely needs.

559 days ago


Someone tell Mike just because what he saw when his wife gave birth was a beautiful thing is not the same thing as being a women and having your body

559 days ago
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