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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab Facility


4/10/2013 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


8:00 AM PDT:  Lindsay's attorney Mark Heller is telling various tabloids that no decision has been made on which rehab facility Lindsay will enter.

Sources connected to the situation tell TMZ ... Heller is not telling the truth. A decision HAS been made, and Lindsay's going to Seafield.

Lindsay Lohan
will do rehab 15 minutes from the hottest summer club scene in the country ... problem is, if she tries to escape she's going directly to jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay's lawyer and prosecutors have agreed on a facility where she'll do her 90 days of rehab.  It's called Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY. 

Seafield is NOT a lockdown facility -- something prosecutors and the judge required.  But we broke the story ... there's no such thing as a true lockdown rehab joint where people are essentially held hostage.

We've learned prosecutors have modified the plea bargain and have agreed on Seafield.  It's an inpatient facility where patients are not supposed to leave, but no one can stop them if they walk out the door.

But here's the reason why Seafield was chosen -- It has 24-hour staff guarding the doors, as well as surveillance cameras and walls.  If Lindsay tries to leave, she can't be stopped, but someone would see her and notify authorities.  That would trigger a probation violation and the judge would almost certainly throw her butt in jail.

As for the cost ... $4,025 a week.  Grand total for 90 days -- $51,750.

One problem.  We've learned the facility is not designed for a 90-day stay.  The limit is 28 days.  An admissions person told TMZ ... they've never had anyone there longer for one stay.  But we've learned the administrator has told prosecutors he'd stylize a 90-day program just for Lindsay

One final thing.  There are lots of rules.  No tobacco, no cell phone, and you can't dress like a slut ...



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My youngest daughter, I'll call her "Al" is refusing to go back to Korea to make money from some escort, I mean modeling gigs. She knows I, um, we need the money or we're gonna lose the house.

What a b*tch.

560 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Mumra TheEver Living ‏@MumraTELiving 10s

moto JJ moto JJ ?@moto_JJ 13 Jan
@alliegirlygirl Best bush on mfc. Would love to see you do BG on chaturbate
total perv
Sending him all your sick twisted stuff

560 days ago


I LOVE when Mumra has a mission!

Can you also find out if waxing is allowed in Blo's rehab facility? Enquiring minds want to know.


560 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

This is going to be lots of fun MOTO_JJ. Got five of your twitter people so far . . . when I'm done you will be dead to them. Sig Hansen seems to be big on helping law enforcement - I bet he loves your hateful tweets wishing death to cops.

560 days ago


This is getting surreal. I am Lohaned out and I will leave these nut jobs too continue their useless rants. Murma -you are in charge-good luck. Till tomorrow.

560 days ago


I'm not really a single mother. I'm a TROLL exterminator, and I think my work is just about done, but "I'll Be Back"

560 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ha Ha Ha......

Alien rehab decoy....*snort*

560 days ago


Why does there need to be a smokescreen about the rehab? The info will leak as soon as she checks in anyway. We all know there's no way LieLo will take any of it seriously.

560 days ago


She looked horrible on lettrrmen last nite..figidy, restless, used up dish rag. She wont last 30 days in this facility i cant wait to see her get sent to jail

560 days ago


I'm finally watching Letterman. When Dave talks about 'punching the psychic', Blohan says "SET UP".

560 days ago


Proverbs 12:10

The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal, the the mercies of the wicked ones are cruel.

560 days ago


theres a fake

560 days ago


anyway, the jig is up, i could care less about the lohans. i do love reading u guys comments tho, makes me LOL. keep on hating, lindsay deserves it

560 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Uh Oh, Chief Gall is going to be all pissy:

search FilmInk

Scary Movie 5

by Jonathon Natsis | April 10, 2013 13:31 | Edited April 10, 2013 13:33

Director:Malcolm D. Lee
Cast:Terry Crews, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Ashley Tisdale, Mike Tyson, Kate Walsh
Release Date:April 11, 2013
Running time:85 minutes
Film Worth:$0.50
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An unbelievably lazy and witless spoof that proves insulting to the intelligence of its audience in myriad ways.

It is almost inconceivable to imagine how much effort a group of people would have to put into making a film as bad as Scary Movie 5. The latest instalment in the series of lazy spoofs, this film offers virtually nothing to its audience, insulting their intelligence for an hour-and-a-half with perhaps the worst collection of blatantly uninspired and recycled gags ever put to into a film.
The horrendous excuse for a plot centres on a suburban wife (Ashley Tisdale) and her dimwitted husband (Simon Rex) moving into a haunted house with their possessed adopted children. From there, the film parodies the biggest blockbusters of the last few years, but does so without a semblance of relevance, creativity or wit.
It says a lot about the film that the only half-laughs to be had come from Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan sharing the opening scene – an incredibly stupid and borderline cringe-worthy, but inexplicably entertaining chuckle at their fall from grace.
It's all downhill from there as the rest of the film plays out as a series of unconnected set pieces seen literally hundreds of times before. Often, such an unappealing movie is still able to salvage hope by suiting itself for a target market, but it is hard to see any audience group, from 15 year-olds to stoners, defending this abomination.
One would have to drink Lindsay under the table, smoke copious amounts of bud with Snoop Dogg and/or Lion and snort pure tiger blood with Charlie to even come close to drawing any semblance of enjoyment from this disaster. An imminent sweep of this year's Razzies doesn't seem like ironic punishment enough for one of the worst films ever made.

560 days ago


Dumb tmz telling us for weeks that shes going to jail because not lockdown rehab.. As much as i wish that was true, no way it was happening

560 days ago
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