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Raps About Cuba Trip

"Obama Said ‘You Gonna Get Me Impeached'"

4/11/2013 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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President Barack Obama told Jay-Z he was worried the rapper's controversial trip to Cuba would cost him the White House ... this according to Jay-Z.

Hova just released a new rap, in which he addresses all of the drama surrounding his trip to Cuba last week with his wife Beyonce.

In the song, titled "Open Letter," Jay says ..."Politicians never did s**t for me ... except lie to me, distort history.”

He continues, "Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached' ... We don’t need this s**t anyway chill with me on the beach.'"

The implication based on the lyric -- that Obama did something shady in helping Jay-Z and Beyonce get into Cuba and he could be in political hot water as a result.

It's a pretty believable lyric, considering how close Jay is with B.O.

There's more -- "I can turn Havana to Atlanta ... ballin’ too much they try to jam you."

“I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans.This Communist talk is so confusing.”



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TMZ, you got Jay-Z's lyrics ALL twisted. Listen to the lyrics again. Jay-Z says:

"Politicians never did s**t for me ... except lie to me, distort history//
Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached' ... We don’t need this s**t anyway chill with me on the beach.'"

The implication based on the lyric is that politicians lie all the time. That's obvious and everyone knows this, so he's preaching to the choir here. Due to the U.S.'s relations w/ Cuba Obama told Jay-Z to "chill out" because of the president's relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Nothing more, nothing less. Then Jay-Z says "man, you should be out here on the beach with me anyway." Hinting that US presidency is nothing but stress anyway.

This is just another example of society not understanding rap lyrics. Everything is a metaphor, not literal.

478 days ago

BB not bb    

His lyrics aren't that good. Maybe he was desperate for a rhyme. It sounds to me like maybe Obama is worried about his image with JZ being associated with Cuba and communism. Maybe Obama doesn't want anyone looking into his own ties to communism. Obama associates himself with these people and basically is elected on his image.

I thought Americans were allowed to travel to Cuba anyway. I think Michael Moore even went there to make a do***entary. How is JZ going to turn Havan into Atlanta? Does he mean a black takeover? I don't get it.

I think he is basically a poor songwriter so I don't pay attention to his lyrics much.

478 days ago


Sounds like a 5 yr old wrote these lyrics. Awful.

478 days ago


Jay-Z >>>>

478 days ago


OVER ````` these two!!!

478 days ago


Some of you people are so dumb, it's painful.

478 days ago


So two uneducated ignoramuses represented our country on an educational trip. Not at all an embarrassment to this country or anything.

478 days ago


We can only hope...

478 days ago


Don't you people have jobs? Are you that into other people lives? That you just HAVE TO comment on something such as this that isn't even that deep? I bet you never heard a hip hop song a day in your lives. Bet you didn't even look up the song to get the full version of this story because TRUST me, this isn't the full story or song. Get a job because people who have lives don't sit behind a computer or cell phone judging other people's lives.

478 days ago


This is hilarious. The inept leading the inept.

478 days ago


I'm really confused by all of this. Its been legal to travel to Cuba since 2011. What is the BIG DAMN DEAL!!!!!!?????!!!!!! It's on my bucket list of countries to visit before I die. I hear the culture and night life is amazing, and that its a beautiful island. Why the hell is America so obsessed with where these two spent their vacation?

478 days ago


obama and his millionaires and billionaires are sucking the life out of our country--high unemployment,low esteem of our counr(think north korea etc),benghazi(and hillary's 'what does it matter anyway now?)--bunch of bozos praising commies who control the populace and slowly doing the same here---WAKE UP!!!

478 days ago


****ty rapper. One or two songs are good the rest is we tall did choppy crap.

478 days ago


he should be.

478 days ago



478 days ago
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