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Raps About Cuba Trip

"Obama Said ‘You Gonna Get Me Impeached'"

4/11/2013 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

President Barack Obama told Jay-Z he was worried the rapper's controversial trip to Cuba would cost him the White House ... this according to Jay-Z.

Hova just released a new rap, in which he addresses all of the drama surrounding his trip to Cuba last week with his wife Beyonce.

In the song, titled "Open Letter," Jay says ..."Politicians never did s**t for me ... except lie to me, distort history.”

He continues, "Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached' ... We don’t need this s**t anyway chill with me on the beach.'"

The implication based on the lyric -- that Obama did something shady in helping Jay-Z and Beyonce get into Cuba and he could be in political hot water as a result.

It's a pretty believable lyric, considering how close Jay is with B.O.

There's more -- "I can turn Havana to Atlanta ... ballin’ too much they try to jam you."

“I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans.This Communist talk is so confusing.”



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It's dumb for him to put that in a song because most of white America and some black American. Whatever bad happens here including school shootings they blame President Obama and its pure racism but I hope you all know that in order for him to win white people had to vote from him too! I guess you forgot how President Bush handled Hurricane Katrina but I guess that doesn't matter since most of the people where black but there was alot of white, asain, etc hurt by this too.

560 days ago

Supreme <--- gif of Jay-Z dodging all of you racist jabs. Lmfao

560 days ago


You stay stay there then. Are you two so dumb that you can't see the poverty all around you? If you lived in Cuba you wouldn't have your money either. and if your buddy Obama has his way, he's going to take your money too. That's the part I want to see!

560 days ago


"This Communist talk is so confusing.”

How about apartheid? Can you wrap your tiny little liberal mind around that?

560 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

SMH. How surprising. Doing favors for his buddy Jay-Z. I hope both get in trouble.

560 days ago

Jim in Cali    

What a frickin clown. How about trying Google or pick up a book about communists in Cuba Jay Z to get over your "confusion"

560 days ago


Z and B along with O are the embodiment of everything wrong with America. Z-Boy and his music trash dumbs down anyone who listens to that crap aqnd O's policies are destrying small businesses and the middle class. All 3 of them should move permanently to Cuba

560 days ago


Who is this Jay-Z people keep talking about, that's Joe Camel walking around in Cuba.

560 days ago


I think it's hillarious they went to Cuba. Just shows how truly ignorant they are. And anyone is kidding themselves you think Obama wasn't involved - why do you think he's "rapping" about it defending it? maybe if Obama spent more time catering to the real problems in America, instead of sending celebs to Cuba - this country might get somewhere. This is ignorance at it's finest.

560 days ago


Our government is running the online conversation desperate to divert everyone's attention from the truth leaking out about Obama, the illegal war, the Coup, the media blackouts, and this last mock election. The illegal war started in 2008 when Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket with the intention of LOSING. Don't take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin's dirty little secret for the BIGGEST ever.

560 days ago


This is about as impossibly stoooooooopid as the reich wing has ever conjured up. Get a real job, tahrdz.

560 days ago


Yo, Beyonce and Jiz-M, you have my permission to stay in Cuba...4EVER!

560 days ago


I've heard of Beyonce - a chanteuse? As for the other guy, who? I guess it's a right of passage for left wing celebrities to align themselves with the Cuba against evil Amerika.

560 days ago


If Jay-Z going to Cuba will get Obama impeached then for God's sake go back dude!

560 days ago


I blame Obama for the chaos Jay-Z is creating. Jay-Z has always been a street thug. Obama should have known better, don't deal with trash. Jay-Z stabbed a guy and beat the charges. Jay-Z is a convicted drug dealer. Tupac never liked the dirt bag Jay-Z. Jay-Z also turned on his own homeboy Beanie Sigle. The can't be trusted. Obama pick your friend's wisely. Jay-Z may have money, but he will always be known as trash with Money.

560 days ago
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