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Kendall Jenner

Ready To Take

The Kardashian Throne

4/11/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall Jenner is less than a year from the most coveted treasure in Hollywood -- and her predicted rise to power happens to coincide with her 18th birthday. Strange how that works, eh?

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560 days ago


She beatiful.... why are people soooooooooooooooooo jealous

560 days ago


I think this one is happy enough to be a Jenner.

560 days ago


Another daughter for Kris to pimp out. Wonder when her sex tape will be out.

560 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Only if the throne in question is a toilet

560 days ago


I heard that Mommy has purchased a bunch of expensive movie making equipment to produce a sex tape for this little kitten. I think it will show her in a wild "back door" sex romp with a much older man. Yea, that should push her to the top of the White Trash Kardashian empire.

560 days ago


**** this **** got to go back to ifunny!

560 days ago


Oh, good grief! Millions of girls look like Kendall Jenner! She is nothing special. Not even intelligent.
So much hype over a nothing~

560 days ago


Not every "aspiring model", has a vicious pit bull for a mother. Sure"the pit" has warned her,to expect negative comments & not to let it "bother" her. But there is a lot of truth out there.

559 days ago

true believer    

Kim must be sooooo upset, her little sister becoming so famous. Kendall is tall, thin, pretty and didn't have to get pissed on. And someday when she gets pregnant she won't look like 30 pound of sh*t stuffed in a 5 pound bag!

559 days ago


Sounds to me, that it is TMZ, that's trying to stir up a rivalry and competition! Figures-

559 days ago


what i'm getting out of this is the Old Pimp doesn't believe her current prized pig is capable of dropping the 150 pounds of baby she's decided to put that slob out to pasture and is now bringing out the fresh meat.
My guess is before Kendall's 19th b-day the Pimp will have directed a 2nd porno only this time with Kendall. "SUPERSTAR 2"

559 days ago


superficially speaking, this girl kendall (what a dumb name for a female!) is very beautiful and will no doubt grow into a very attractive woman. I hope her bum stays small. it's that feature that makes me sick when I think of kim kardashian. I hate big butts!! they look sloppy and so stinky and disgustingly fragrant that they could literally make a man vomit from the horrid stench they make. with her gigantic, deformed crap pincher, kim kardashian's daily BM's must smell so pungent that they literally make the paint peel off of the walls in her bathroom. when I think of the repugnant and putrid stench of human dung, I'm immediately reminded of kim kardashian. photogogs must have to air-brush the squiggly stink lines emanating from her butt out of every single picture that they take of her and her stupid, braindead, intensely aggravating self. there is no one more disgusting to me, (actually, the filthy, violent, poorly educated/horribly spoken human trash that is featured on, "teen mom" is slightly more repulsive than kim kardashian - at least she's not a violent criminal.)

559 days ago


Brody Jenner is the truly handsome one. Looks like his mother ,Linda. Unfortunately, he is like Rob. Doesn't have to seriously pursue a real career or a real job. Children of the rich and famous. If he honed his craft, as an actor, he could certainly be a romantic lead or a hero type. What a waste. Goes for the easy money, like the rest of them.

559 days ago


What an esteemed legacy she gets to fill after KK. When does her crowning of piss occur to begin her era of slut-dom? Better set up the bedroom traffic signal now along with the condom vending machine. As soon as Mommy K is done procuring the cameras, she can get these things done for her beloved youngest $$$ slit.

559 days ago
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