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Lil Wayne & Trick Daddy

Miami Beef Blows Up

at Strip Club

4/11/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photos

0411_lil_wayne_strip_club_launchLil Wayne's night in a Miami strip club almost ended with blows -- he and Trick Daddy came dangerously close to a Drake-Chris Brown type brawl ... and TMZ has photos inside the club.

Weezy was chillin' at King of Diamonds last night when, according to sources inside the club, he started to get a bad vibe from Trick Daddy's posse.

We're told Wayne decided to cut the night short, and while walking out with the homie Mack Maine ... a few of TD's boys stepped up and threw a lit cigarette in Wayne's dreads.

Before Wayne could react ... we're told KOD security jumped in between the parties and cooled off the situation.

Also, our sources say at no point were Trick Daddy and Wayne ever face-to-face -- and Trick Daddy was not with his boys when things got heated outside.

King of Diamonds tells TMZ, "It's sad they had to revisit a situation that was Internet beef ... while surrounded by naked girls."

TD's been jawing at Wayne over Twitter ever since he went on a major anti-Miami rant back in February.

We reached out to Weezy and Trick Daddy's camps ... nothing back yet.

KOD says both rappers are welcome back anytime.


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A good example of what Hip-Hop is not, don't diss a whole movement because of these 2 **** boys!

555 days ago

scott ahmad    

This constitutes a story?

555 days ago


Why does everything have to be racist. Some of y'all are just sad!

555 days ago

bueendo lutangu    

eyo T.D..wayne gat so many tear drops en we team tunechi don wana cry no more...we might just cry your ass a river

554 days ago

Ms. Benavides    

I came across this article because some google trap set me up for looking at when he was sick in the hospital so I was looking for an update right and here we are more drama. He is playing the classic "stool-pigeon" and it backfired. You know, stool pigeons like to talk **** to anyone they think will listen and they do it for the negative publicity similar to trolling. They think its funny but at least negative publicity is still publicity. I have followed this artist hap-hazardly since 2008 when my bitch ass lesbian ex girlfriend Monique would play Mrs Officer 24-7 the damn Carter III was wore out in her little honda 1990 crap civic with a cd player go f* figure. I never thought anything of it but he kept on putting music out there making him only relevant with time that he was some type of "Rap God" or something. Dont get me wrong I love rap music some of the best musicians were KRS One and Buckshot, Do or Die, Bone Thugs and anything else my REAL hilltop homies were listening to. Fantasy from Do or Die were some of the most glorious music sessions for me. They even threw ICP for Tacoma good measure. I even got into this local Atlanta artist named Cliff Montana some of his real music like Grandma Used to Say and "Dope in my Jaw" those were the real legends I wish were more prolific.
But when you see this jerry curled bob marley trying to look like I just see time-faded disappointment. I do not even look forward to his music but only to hear the rumor he died or something thats why I did the search. I am amazed to see how bone-rail that stripper was to put her body out like that if she can find a job certailny theres work for me somewhere. (Why is that?) Any way. I am surprised Sizzurp now comes in clear because water never shines so bright. He is not advocating a healthy lifestyle with a mindframe of positivity no his negativity catches up with him moments after he nearly dies in the hospital. So yes bring back the legends and lets hope someone dukes it out over his haphazard past so I do not have to turn on another "How to Love" the worst song for women. Its like a song that makes a parody of abused women, as if to bring it to the forefront... just like RiHannas S&M I hope they all stop and do something creative with the remaining days of life Thank You!

547 days ago


ooooh so bad

512 days ago
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