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Lindsay Lohan

Will Fail at Rehab

... Says Her Dad

4/11/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will not emerge from rehab a changed woman ... so says her own father.

Michael Lohan just called in to "TMZ Live" to discuss Lindsay's upcoming court-ordered stint in a fancy rehab center in The Hamptons -- and while he's hoping for the best ... it's clear he's not very confident it's gonna work.

In fact, Michael also says Lindsay's decision to hit the Coachella music festival right before she begins treatment is "one of the worst ideas she ever had."

Gotta respect the honesty ...


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Remember about a month ago Michael Lohan was telling anyone who would listen Lindsay needed rehab. Lindsay will be in rehab soon for 90 days. NOW he is telling a gossip site she will fail. What sort of a father is that?

558 days ago


For Lindsay- Failure is the stepping stone to success.

For a member of your tmz staff- Can he name all the sluts and bums that went through rehab? And lets
add any rehabs in the world to that list.

558 days ago


Why don't you go get her ass at Coachella and drag it out of there in front of everybody Milo. Make a big scene like you're use to doing. Make sure all the cameras are focused on you as you call her a fallen soul that canoodles with men for money. That she is an alcoholic drug addict and that you are there to save the day. Kinda like Duddly Do Right except you are a Duddley Do Wrong.

558 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

It's instead of jail and him calling tmz or leaking that private conversation didn't help her

558 days ago


doesn't this d-bag realize that the reason people hate him and think he's always out for pulicity is because he pulls stunts like this. Why call TMZ and talk about your daughter and her problems? Aren't these private family matters? Why is he talking about her to strangers in a public forum? He knows Lindsay hates it when he does this. He's as bad as Dina. They are both terrible parents and need to keep this stuff private instead of trying to promote themselves. Disgusting,.

558 days ago


Now I see why she is who she is.... go figure daddy..

558 days ago

Lohan Family Therapist    

Please, I can name about 2 dozen of her ideas which were far worse than Coachella.

558 days ago


I don't know why you guys keep reporting on Lindsay..... are people generally interested in hearing about her or are there NO other stories out there at the moment? And the stories about her are all the same... how she was able to get out of jail....and then goes to a club...and then she's back in court....and then she's seen drinking at a club...blah blah blah

558 days ago


Rock on Lilo! She party's like she's got her clam at a bake.

558 days ago


As Lindsay was taken into custody she frantically screamed, "Call my dad! Call my dad!"

558 days ago



Since Coachella was born in 1999 — a money-losing inaugural outing that nearly killed the concert promoter, Goldenvoice, that created it — subsequent growth has inspired dozens of other festivals across the country to the point where nearly every weekend it seems like a music festival is taking place somewhere ( Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Lollapalooza in Chicago, the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas . . .)

But for Indio, Coachella — and the business it generates — are what matter.

At a Palm DesertAlbertson's, a clerk who preferred not to be identified said the store was prepared for "mega-business" this weekend. New riser displays highlight alcohol and soda, and extra registers will be open. The grocery store is expecting business to be up a minimum of 20%. Asked what Coachella goers are after, the clerk said, "Alcohol, of course."

As the Lohan family entered the Albertsons the unnamed clerk got on the PA “Clan Lohan is in the House, security to tobacco, alcohol, the pharmacy, feminine products, candy lane, razor blades, Jesus! Watch out for the skinny one! When she turns sideways, she is invisible!”

Like a flash back to yesterday, Vinsetta was kind enough to provide a brief description of one kind of fan that makes Coachella sort of exciting/disgusting for women. Yet girls flock there in droves, often sans panties, eh?


Bro's at Coachella are the worst. They spend the festival shirtless so as to expose their sweet muscles and poorly thought out tattoos. They pound $7 Heinekens all day then take drugs they bought in the parking lot and head to the Sahara tent. Once inside, they will try to screw (score with) anything without a penis and fight anyone that threatens their space. It's all a very bizarre and predictable mating ritual. If aliens have a channel like Animal Planet that's all about humans, they probably have several do***entaries on the subject of bro's at music festivals.

If you are a sensitive woman, please stop reading now…!

Part of the Mating Ritual is to test for willingness and readiness and the Bros/Hippies/Music Execs all use the same time honored approach to the girls. Really stop reading now!

The woman who got a back rub was dealing with a Newbie or a perv or someone too stoned to fvck.

Really stop reading now…eh?

At Coachella the most successful approach to women is to check for moistness and open-mindedness in the game of life called “Stink Finger” and that is all I am going to say about it!

That and of course, it works!

558 days ago


No wonder she is so ______ up, look at all the support she gets.

558 days ago


It takes one failure to recognize another...

558 days ago


Ya know, we the public already know that. Nice support your giving your daughter there "dad". You could at least pretend to act like rehab will help. No wonder this chick is so screwd up.

558 days ago


There is no doubt Lindsay has in the past let this mentally retarded man back into her life. Last year she called her father but what did he do? he recorded the conversation and sold it to TMZ. That was the last time Lindsay had any communication with him and he's pissed about it. Its sad her father or any father can behave as he is doing now.

558 days ago
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