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Lindsay Lohan

Will Fail at Rehab

... Says Her Dad

4/11/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will not emerge from rehab a changed woman ... so says her own father.

Michael Lohan just called in to "TMZ Live" to discuss Lindsay's upcoming court-ordered stint in a fancy rehab center in The Hamptons -- and while he's hoping for the best ... it's clear he's not very confident it's gonna work.

In fact, Michael also says Lindsay's decision to hit the Coachella music festival right before she begins treatment is "one of the worst ideas she ever had."

Gotta respect the honesty ...


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i am a recovered cocaine addict and my father told me the same thing when i was going thru my hell.
thanks dad !
i proved him wrong

524 days ago


Wow! What a total dirt-bag! Clearly he's given up on ever getting any money out of her.

524 days ago


Lohan is pushing 27 and is only getting worse. She's done whatever she's wanted to for over 10 years. Mommy and Daddy not great but can't blame them forever.

Lohan has done all this to herself. She knows it. She just won't own up to it. Always somebody elses fault. Never hers.

524 days ago


I met lindsay at rehab last time and when i first got there i snuck drugs in and the first person i met was lindsay at lunch and i told her what i bought in and she said she wanted to really get clean but later that night she gave the night staff member100 dollars to get me and take me to a private room with her and she said she would show me the time of my life and we did have a REALLY good time so lindsay if you see this call me you no who i am

524 days ago


Well I guess a man who failed at life can speak from experience.

524 days ago


Lindsay was doomed from the start with parents like that.

524 days ago


Sleazeball though he is, Michael really has been making proper assessments on this issue. He's right on the mark here- though it would be nice if she used rehab as the first step toward a sober and happier life, she isn't ready for that. This rehab is just a cushier jail for her. She'll be detoxing bigtime and it will be a more comfortable and safer environment for that. She'll also be fed properly for 3 months. So she'll come out better temporarily but will most likely go right back to her self-destructive ways. But the court is not obligated to "fix" her but rather just needs to discourage her from endangering others and stealing and lying to police. The sentences she's received are all aimed at that goal, not "fixing" her. Only Lindsay can fix Lindsay.
I agree with him about Coachella. She should have just started rehab as soon as possible. I hope she isn't planning to go out with a bang, overdosing while there. She's pretty tough, so I've thought she was relatively suicide-proof despite her fixation on Marilyn Monroe. But maybe things are changing too fast for her. Her body really looks as though it's giving out. Her face is shot- she should be gorgeous at her age without makeup. She's balding. She's getting old enough that these things may not be very reversible, although I'd like to see if 90 days away from booze and drugs (including Adderall) plus good nutrition could still reverse a lot of it. If I were Michael- I'd hire someone to stick with Lindsay like glue throughout Coachella and beyond, until she's safely deposited alive at the rehab.

524 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

That fat beyotch Niki hurt an old woman's feelings.

524 days ago


she will be treated like the plague at coachella. no VIP tents for her, when everyone knows if she is around, there will be police attention placed on their tents. look at vikram's shakedown and arrest last week. look at the full pat down of her at the airport today. everyone, and anyone associated, or associating with her is also in the crosshairs. who wants that shyte at their party.

there will be plenty of coachella photos of her, i am sure. i cant expect them to be favourable. such is her life.

524 days ago


When Lohan screws up in rehab she will call daddy to fix it so the doesn't get back to the judge. Then daddy will be a good guy again.

Michael Lohan simply stated what everyone already knows. This is not a news flash.

Lohan actually completing rehab without incident would be a news flash.

524 days ago


I guess he means like he failed at parenting

524 days ago


Great support from Daddy Dearest

524 days ago


Let's trip to the moon......

524 days ago


Somebody should offer $500 for whoever can get a pic of Michael Lohan with his mouth shut.

524 days ago


Previous 5-6 rehabs-fail
Liz and Dick-epic fail
Her claims to have quit smoking-fail
Only goes to the bar for Birthdays-fail
Showing up to work on time- fail
7 years of probation- too many fails to count
Managing to take a shower or bath-Just look, fail
Career since Mean Girls- fail
Taking care of her teeth(out veneers)-fail
Singing career-fail
Wearing a bra-fail

Seems to be a pattern. Thank God her absentee Father let us know his thoughts. I'm shocked! I would have never guessed. My God! But then again, the World is out to get her. She's is pushing 30, but just "going thru a phase" as she put it. At what age does this phase go away? Other than the picking out a casket, and looking for a headstone stage.

524 days ago
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