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TSA to Lindsay Lohan


We're Hunting for Contraband

4/11/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moment of truth for Lindsay Lohan yesterday ... when she was pulled aside at JFK airport for a very thorough, very hands-on security pat-down!

LiLo was attempting to fly from NY back to L.A. ... when the TSA decided to make extra double sure the actress wasn't smuggling any drugs ... or bombs ... or stolen jewelry back to the West Coast.

So ... did Lindsay pass the screening? Or was she BUSTED, thrown to the ground and arrested on the spot???

(Hint: There is currently no "Lohan Gets Arrested" post on ... yet!!!).


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Isaac Newton    

I would love to give her a pat down and cavity search!

478 days ago


Yay!!! Let's comment about something that happens in the airport every bloody day. Sheesh! You guys must be bored. So over hearing about "Lilo."

478 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Awwwwwwww! Little Cody gets to join the Lohan weekend drug fest.

TROUBLE is on its wayyyyyyyy!!!

477 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Knowing Lindsay she's got it shoved in her Ji Ji like a tampoon. She doesn't care what goes in there, as long as she's got her drugs.

477 days ago


All they found in the cavity search was some burned fabric from the Hindenburg, chunks of an overpass that collapsed in Minnesota, some new evidence related to the Lindbergh baby case, Jimmy Hoffa and Nicole’s Binky with the tip chewed off. None of these are illegal.

477 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Do you think Lindsay will take me to the party this weekend? She loves her nana!

477 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahahhahahahaha!! Just saw the Radaronline clip with Charlie Sheen. Charlie throws her under the bus. PRICELESS!!

477 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Maddy and GC thats not Milo jr. I keeped pausing it till I got just him (in the begining, when paps say thats my smile) it freezed frame on the guy and its not Jr.

Jr. tweeted that he was leaving on Friday

477 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Mike Jr. is trying to get the owner of the web site Just Jared to follow Lying Lindsay around

Michael C. Lohan‏@mikelohan10 Apr
see you at coachella @JaredEng? #coachellacrew

477 days ago


Of course she wouldn't get caught. Lohan may not be smart in the traditional bookish way, but she is crafty in a wheelin' dealin' grifting con artist of a never worked in real job in my life sort of way. Unfortunately.

477 days ago


All dogs go to heaven.

All Whorehans go to hell.

They're story about me is another Whorehan lie. They killed me. They didn't want to spend any money for my food.

When they get another dog someone please kidnap it and give it a good home.

Nothing deserves the life I had with them.

477 days ago


So when you are zlist your family becomes your entourage and assistants.

477 days ago



Surprise! Not talking about Linds this time, eh? Since Coachella was unheard of on this board by some, and Indio has come up as a place she will party this weekend it might be helpful if I laid out some demographic reference points.
Palm Springs is familiar to most. Lots of money conspicuously consumed with as little taste or decorum as possible. Yes, you are a fat, rich, balding guy from anywhere, USA, and you have lime green tent like pants and a trophy wife with a breast size larger than her IQ; this place is made for you! But you are going to sweat. The locals must have been pretty awful in a previous life to end up here. This is where you might go after your divorce from Cher and the end of your singing career if you were Sonny and out of boredom you decided to run for mayor and become a real politician. Baked Brains is a malady for tourists and locals alike. Want to see Stars? Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun…!

Indian Wells/Palm Desert/La Quinta are condominium communities with out of town owners and plenty of golf courses, some famous. Rent a condo during the season sort of places catering to tourists. Need a back rub with a happy ending? Lots of service providers, in call or out.

Cathedral City/Indio/Coachella is where the poorer folks live who support the tourist industry. Lots of poverty, drugs and crime. These are the Harlem to Palm Springs Manhattan. Want great Mexican or Indian food? This is your place, hola!

This whole area used to be a major corridor for drugs up from Mexico and the economy was far better than today. Date farms are a major agricultural business but not very labor intensive. The dates are world class and they export to the Middle East, go figure, eh?

I apologize in advance for stepping on anyone’s toes, but this is how I remember it. Oh! And you can find Line Dancing at the Cowboy Bars (speaking of stepping on toes); also lines of every possible meaning everywhere. Including lines to the Porta Potties at the Festival, long ones. There were lines on the mirror; there were lines on her face…

477 days ago


I have they fix those machines to go off perodically.

477 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

From Chelsea Lately last night. On Lying Lindsay

477 days ago
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