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Michael Lohan

Magna Cum Sober Degree

From Lindsay's Rehab Joint

4/11/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has history with the rehab center which she'll call home for 90 days -- her dad dried out there in the late '80s, and we're told he and the rehab owner are thick as thieves.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be moving into the Seafield Center at Westhampton Beach in New York for her court-ordered rehab.  Turns out a coked-up and boozy Michael Lohan checked into the joint in 1989, and became tight with Executive Director Mark Epley.

Michael tells TMZ ... Mark knows the "family dynamic" of the Lohan family.  Michael says the goal is to force Dina Lohan to agree to family therapy -- with Michael and Lindsay -- to deal with their laundry list of woes.

Here's the problem -- Michael got sober at Seafield, but he fell off the wagon pretty quickly thereafter.

Michael says he wanted Lindsay to go to Lukens Institute in Florida because the facility is small and stylized to the patients, but he still likes Seafield a lot.


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David Letterman tried to address all the negative press with Lindsay. She, not very convincingly, tried to deflect his direct line of questions.

I think at the end, Letterman knew he was interviewing a woman destined for an early grave.

524 days ago


i think it's funny michael lohan assumes lindsay wants HIM at family therapy and he's in no position to force anything. whatever rehab she goes to, they will do what's right for her not what michael lohan wants.

524 days ago


This whole family needs Family Therapy. Not just Dina, Michael and Lindsay. It will never happen, but it's needed.

524 days ago


Now comes word from a source that she may well attending the premiere with costar Charlie Sheen. However, a rep for LL says the it's not "100 percent" certain they will be walking the carpet together.
A Sheen source says that the studio, Dimension Films, has asked Sheen to walk with Lohan because it would make for a good photo op, but he hasn't signed on yet.

524 days ago


If this was already posted sorry. Squeaky was fighting with Gavin again.

she must have a great throwing arm since he's in LA and has been since the hearing. LMAO

524 days ago


I can see now exactly what's going to happen - Lohan is going to break the rules at that facility and Micheal Lohan is going to use his friendship with the facility to get them not to report it. It's an inside job. Michael know the owner and will use him to benefit Lindsay so she won't get reported. Because there's no way that Lohan would be connected to her father or her father's rehab unless there was something she could get out of it. I bet you anything - she will have access to drugs and alcohol in that facility and the facility won't report it due to Michael's friendship with the owner. Lohan has it sewed up again. God - when will this grown woman start acting like a grown woman?

524 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

ILG, DM has pictures of Lindsay flying out already.

524 days ago


another hohan ass kisser always running around saying hohan doesn't want pimppapa.

The 26-year-old starlet was hauled off to jail early Wednesday morning after an alleged hit-and-run accident, and a source on the scene told that when police arrived Lindsay was yelling “Call my Dad! Call my Dad!”


that was months ago and before he sold the tape of her fight with dina and he's admitted himself that he has no relationship with any of his kids and has admitted he hasn't been in contact with lindsay.

524 days ago


O.k., if this story is to be believed, this means that Miz Lohan will come and go as she pleases, get all the extra goodies she requires and be on a special vacation. If daddy is as close as he says he is to the executive director, there goes all the rehab treatment. Family treatment, my saggy a**. Almost had me thinking that maybe, just maybe something would be done this time. Well played Lohan, well played. Entitlement wins again.

524 days ago


A couple days ago I said, don't tell me a relative is a part owner of this joint. Close enough! What's the judge gonna do when she's caught outside the place. Heeler's probably thinking, nothing! Judge is 3000 miles away and has a stack of files to go through. It's all a celebrity scam in my opinion to get out of jail. I see the light now. The aliens are coming ...

524 days ago


"Michael tells TMZ ... Mark knows the "family dynamic" of the Lohan family."

Who doesn't

524 days ago


Seafield Center has a 100% FAILURE RATE with their ridiculous 12-Step religious AA/NA cult "HIGHER POWER" treatment program...

524 days ago


Volcano Lohan Sober, now that's pretty funny.

524 days ago


The run-down rehab centre can easily adapt to accommodate her. Put a deadbolt on the outside of her room door and cut a hole in the bottom so they can slide her food and meds to in – dark ages style. Give her a journal, some golf pencils and a ton of reading material on Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders. She can have computer time, but she will only be allowed to read articles/blogs/tweets, etc. about herself. Fridays will be TMZ day. She can only leave the room to do treatment, groups, counseling, phone calls and exercise. And finally, if she behaves, she will be allowed to have one weekly supervised visit – but Dina will be searched and sniffed by a drug dog first.

524 days ago


just got finished reading the thread...

good luck, nonexample, on your job interview!!

524 days ago
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