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with Chris Brown

4/11/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0411_chris_brown_porsche_SplashRihanna has once again taken back Chris Brown ... at least for now ... 'cause the two were rollin' around L.A. together in the same expensive car yesterday.

As we previously reported, the two have been breaking up and getting back together more often than Van Halen ... but yesterday, it seems they were "back on" for the day.

In fact, Rihanna even tweeted a pic of the twosome together looking as coupley as ever.

Think they'll make it through the week?



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People Annoy Me    

Well. Time to sit back and wait for the abuse article again, I suppose.

563 days ago


Rihanna is a well-known celebrity. She must be seriously dense to keep taking Chris back after he continuously cheats on her and ignores her. As soon as he posts a pic of them together or call her, all is right in her world and she forgives him....Desperate chick knows no humiliation.

563 days ago


What a ho! If she gets beat up again by that punk she would deserve it.

563 days ago


Ya'll keep saying they are on and off but they never say this. Let those people live their lives. It doesn't matter if we agree or not only they can live their lives. I wouldn't go back to an abuser but clearly she doesn't agree with me and thats cool. I don't have to live with the reactions to her actions

563 days ago


She won't really leave him until he beats her and leaves her with two bumps on her head in the shape of horns. And at this point no one will really care and in fact might laugh at her because, let's face it: She's stupid.

563 days ago


Let them find out one day if they're meant to be but how can they if NO ONE allows them to try?!? Rihanna said she's completely aware of what she's doing and prepared to handle the consequences if things go down that road again. So go ahead badasses behind the screen, go off about how much of a woman beater he is when you're not even the one in the situation! Jeeeeez ask Lindsay for what she takes to relax cause clearly you people need it. Okay I'm done :)

563 days ago


The only people who are on and off is the media. If rihanna is seen in the club without Chris, it's assumed they broke them. Damn, can they live?

563 days ago


Y'all still going on about the abuse from years ago?

563 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Now selling Chris Browns greatest hits: Volume Two in a Porsche with buying volume two you also get volume one in a Lamborghini FREE that's is right FREE! Act now

563 days ago


Rihanna obviously has no self worth. It's very sad to me she goes back to an abusive woman beater boyfriend. I sincerely hope these two don't reproduce.

563 days ago


they never broke up stop believing rumors lol

563 days ago


THEY NEVER BROKE UP!!! Losing respect for TMZ with every article you guys post about Chris and/or Rihanna. Just because no one has seen a picture of them together for a week or two means they broke up? Whoever your "official" source is that says they weren't together or are "on and off", I'm sorry you don't have someone more reliable to contact. Also, it's sad that you have to spend time posting false stories. Maybe if you spent more time watching/reading recent radio interviews with Chris you would realize the true nature of their relationship now. She is busy on tour and he is busy with promoting a new album and his artwork. If you can't take the time to look at the positive instead of continuously posting stories referring to a mistake that happened FOUR YEARS AGO, then I am truly sorry you people at TMZ have nothing better to do, and also that you cannot see change when it's right in front of your eyes.

563 days ago



563 days ago

Master Po    

All those punches and not enough time for a car wash. Classy dude ladies!

563 days ago


To each is own tiresome hearing about them

563 days ago
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