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Jay-Z Rap Fingers

Prez Obama in CubaGate

4/11/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Tip for Jay-Z: rapping about your buddy President Obama and impeachment is not recommended. Jigga's new song about his Cuba trip stirred a huge controversy. Think there's even a little truth behind the rap?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan's upcoming rehab stint is a family affair. Her father, Michael Lohan's already done time there ... with questionable results. He calls in to explain why even he doesn't think it's gonna work for LiLo this time around.

And, Tiger Woods' new chick Lindsey Vonn is tailing him at The Masters -- and may be the good luck charm he needs to finally win another major tournament ... but does she look foolish supporting him so publicly?

(0:00) Jay-Z puts President Obama in a bad spot -- by releasing a rap that insinuates Obama pulled strings over his Cuba trip.
(7:00) Justin Bieber's so-called friend sets up a photo-op at Selena Gomez's house to create fake controversy ... and we have the video.
(10:00) Michael Lohan joins us to explain why there's nothing fishy about Lindsay going to the same rehab facility that he did.
(18:00) Tiger Woods' new arm candy -- Lindsey Vonn -- is shadowing him at The Masters.
(23:00) We'll tell you how close Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy got to fighting each other at a strip club.
(27:00) Porn star James Deen has to travel to Las Vegas now to shoot condom-less porn thanks to a new Los Angeles law. Time for Harvey to rip the new law apart.
(31:00) P. Diddy's wife is accused of exposing their kids to drugs by their former nanny.
(32:00) Rick Ross is finally 86'd by Reebok.
(34:00) Matt Lauer is gaining fans back ... one joke about himself at a time.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejects!

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You're never too old to be a moron. Live with it.

508 days ago


Regan reminds me of Scott McCreery.

508 days ago



508 days ago


Is Tim really that stupid or is it an act?

508 days ago


Tim your starting 2 suck , lame

508 days ago


Tim's rejects which was great the first week really plumbed the depths today - oh well, one more week to get some funny stuff I'd say Tim.

508 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Could you please leave the LIVE comments up for an hour or so after the show ends? Love,

Lisa x0x0x

508 days ago

Tony's official...we are all dumber for having watched that jackass and his cattle pic!

508 days ago


Tim your starting 2 suck , lame

508 days ago


Note to Jay-Z, just because your wife sang for the President does not mean that you are his buddy, you do not have his cell phone #, you are not hanging out at The White House. Nor did they gain you entry to Cuba, but since Jay-Z is an ego maniac, and wants to brag on wax, he would say some dumb **** like that on wax. The White House reminded him that he is just a mere citizen like the rest of us. Out of all of those celebrities whom have publically endorsed Obama, Jay-Z seems to be the only one bragging about it like he is special. NOPE!!!

508 days ago


what a douche. time for jay-z and beyonce to go away. overrated.

508 days ago


Jay Carney told White House reporters ... the only reason Jay-Z implicated Obama in his new song is because it's hard to find something that rhymes with treasury.
Hmmm, am I missing something?

508 days ago


Jay Z is an arrogant jackass with big lips. Beyonce is just like him but has this wholesome image and acts like she is perfect. I did vote for Obama but if he did pull strings so his buddies can do what other people can't do then I will support him being impeached. I am about being fair to all, I do not care if they went to Cuba or not, but to be granted permission to be above the law is wrong and I don't support this.

506 days ago

ShockWave Chi-Rock    

The only reason that this is such a big deal in the first place is that both P.O.T.U.S. and Jay are black. Thousands of Americans travel to Cuba each year, no one says a thing. So when someone who hobnobs with the President goes to Cuba everyone is up in arms. Jay Z didn't start anything, this is merely an excuse for the racists in the media to have a dog whistle to blow.

502 days ago
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