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White House

Obama Did NOT Rap

With Jay-Z About Cuba

4/11/2013 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Hova Flap is Ovah! ... so says Prez Obama's press secretary.

Jay Carney told White House reporters ... the only reason Jay-Z implicated Obama in his new song is because it's hard to find something that rhymes with treasury.

As you know, in Hova's song, "Open Letter," he raps, "Obama said chill, 'You gonna get me impeached.' We don't need this s*** anyway. Chill with me on the beach."

But Carney claims POTUS had zero contact with Jay-Z about the Cuba trip, and it was all handled by the Treasury Dept.

The best part ... you gotta hear the reporter feebly rap the lyrics. That's why they call it the WHITE House Press Corps.


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So that makes it over? Really? Who in the treasury dept cleared the direct flight because that just does not happen. I'm not really interested in your rhymes, I want answers.

563 days ago


Be & JZ have an open relationship...JZ was along for the Free ride..LOL
Thanks Pres for our Houston Girl to Experience Cuba.

563 days ago


Why is a stupid rapper exploiting his relationship with the White House for financial gain? #leftcoast. Yeah, I'm not too happy.

563 days ago

paul a.    

This is a good example of how this administration has brought down the WH......

563 days ago


I really wish that Jay Z woud stop taking about the president, ok so all the news outlets are taking about this so the WH addressed it, but why did J need to rap a song about it.. please, please, get off my prez nuts, I voted for my president, but I wish he would band these two I don't like the fact that they are always associated with him, I don't think they are respected enough in the community or maybe I just don't like them. (B) i like your music girl, you do be jammin..

563 days ago


The waste of our tax dollars to address this mess is all JayZ's fault.

The a**hat decided that he could go to Cuba to VERY PUBLICLY celebrate his wedding anniversary on a cultural exchange visa without scheduling or attending a single public cultural event. AND THEN he decides to rap about it because he's entitled a** is mad at the 'haters'.

This situation is not about politics. It is about an entitled celebrity being a brat.

563 days ago


So says the Liar in Chiefs Chief Liar.

563 days ago


I've lost a lot of respect for Jay-Z and Beyonce. I used to really like them but clearly the fame and money has gone to their heads!

563 days ago


Obama should end that friendship. It's does look good

563 days ago



563 days ago

jus do it    


563 days ago


LMAO! When is it EVER obama's fault? Is anyone catching on yet? Something happens and he pulls a Bart Simpson " I didn't do it ! " move and blames someone else. White house tours cancelled, he blames the secret service. Our Ambassador in Bengahzi and four other Americans die and he blames Hillary. Ordered release of 2,000 criminals from prison and claims he didn't know. He is constantly in campaign mode and bad things keep happening but... not his fault! Yeah right. Well O, if you can't get a handle on the country and the people who work for you I guess we better kick you out and hire someone who can.

563 days ago


Barack needs to distance himself from those 2 self entitled pieces of trash ASAP! Our great president doesn't need to associate himself with uneducated fools who only make him look bad with their ignorance and a stupid rap song.

563 days ago


Beyonce and her third grade education just said bow to me. Get to bowing peasants.

563 days ago


Jay Z is doing something that most rappers do not do and that is stand up for freedoms of all people.

Those alleged politicians who are against their trip to Cuba, what have they done for the minorities in their own city and country. Do they REALLY care that there is poverty right here in America. Do they care that there are unemployed who cannot pay their house notes today. Why can't they focus on the Homelessness? From the looks of it what problem does it solve to lock up hundreds of thousands of black people and minorities especially non violent ones like are locked up NOW in reality. And then complain about overcrowding and not enough funding? The concentration on Jay Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba is a trip because there are people right here at home in our country who need help, who need food, medical,who need a place to stay, who need to be treated fair and not treated bad just because they are black or hispanic or poor.

563 days ago
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