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Kris Humphries

Judge Rips Kim's Hubby

New A-Hole For Being No-Show

4/12/2013 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Kris Humphries were listening closely from New York, he could have heard a California judge screaming at his lawyer in court -- because Kris blew off a mandatory court appearance -- and it's worse than we first thought.

As we reported ... the settlement conference was scheduled for 8:30 AM today, but sources connected with Kris told TMZ ... he was stuck in New York.  We're told in court today ... Judge Goldberg went nuclear, saying Kris could have caught a flight and that he mocked and disrespected the court.

Judge Goldberg was so pissed ... he set a sanction hearing -- meaning Kris may be hit with fines for being a no-show.

There was obviously no settlement reached today ... We're told both Kim and Kris must appear on the 19th for a pre-trial readiness/settlement conference.  Kris better show.

Kim, on the other hand, was in court ... she answered all the judge's questions.  Score one for Kardashian.

And if that wasn't enough ... she looked like a (pregnant) rock star when she left the building.


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I'm still trying to figure out what this settlement hearing was for. He wants an annulment, nothing more. She wants a divorce and to keep everything which he could careless. I'd also like to know if this was a MANDATORY hearing how come this is the first time that TMZ has reported on it? The only thing we've heard from you is the first day of their court case and how Kimmykakes was excused for an appearance for another rip off scam, her perfume. Yes, I want to run out and buy the new Kimmykakes perfume, Desperation and Urine. What an interesting mix, cough.

557 days ago


I betcha Kimmie Kakes KNOWS she's sunk so she had nothing to lose so WHY NOT start talkin'.
Oddly enough we havent heard a PEEP from KH's lawyer on any of this.

557 days ago


No one respects the California legal system because it has become a complete joke. Every time TMZ reports how "bad" things are, the celebrity doesn't have any consequences. It's amazing living in CA. Celebrities don't have to bother following normal people's laws at all any more!

557 days ago


TMZ is a Whore that works for the Kardashians.

557 days ago


What's up with these judges and 2nd chances. If it had been me, I would have said. He doesn't care enough to show, then he doesn't care what happens here today. We'll just give Kim what she wants and that will be the end of it.

557 days ago


OMGosh TMZ what a bunch of ****ing liars. You are the only site that has posted this BS about how much Kris is in trouble, good grief. He is not in big trouble and was there ever any doubt that this was going to trial. Kris wants a ****ing annulment, not a divorce, what part do you not get. Oh wait I forgot again that TMZ is on the Kraptashians payroll. Can't wait for this **** to be over and I hope that the liars in this situation get what they deserve.

557 days ago


And whoever says 'well he has a game tonight' isn't very smart. What time was court this morning? 8:30 am? And his game is at what time pm? Give me a break.

557 days ago


He pulled a Lindsay, why can't the Judge in her case get tough with her disrespect of Court ?????

Harvey may like the Kardasians, but most of America does not !!!!

557 days ago


Obviously was not mandatory if they just scheduled another meeting.

557 days ago


I'm still snorting over the headline, Judge rips Kim's hubby?
Hubby is an affectionate name you refer to as the love of your life. That headline should read ESTRANGED Husband. This has to be a FATASS MIKE special. I wonder if that DM post about TMZ facing a lawsuit for microphones in closed courts is true? How else are you getting this info when there was two lawyers and Kimmykakes in the room and no one else? I TMZ should be very careful what they print when it's concerning confidentiality in closed room cases. Can't wait for TMZ live and listen to Harvey and FATASS MIKE completely trash Kris H and fawn all over KimmyKakes.

557 days ago


It doesn't matter how much the judge sets a fine, KH's bank account wount be hurting. This case is such a waste of court time, no wonder the judge is so pissed.

557 days ago


Big deal! So he gets fined. He's not in this for the money. He's in it to prove she's a fraud. I'm sure this upset her apple cart today. Yeah!

557 days ago


TMZ, I realize you are all getting your next pay day from the Kardashians but can't you muster enough klass to at least *pretend* to give Kris H's side of the story?...you know, like you do for folk who the Lohans have screwed over. Really, I swear you literally NEVER give Kris's side of things and yet rip on him for things that are really reaching like allegedly missing one appointment.

557 days ago


FFS, it was just a pre-trial readiness meeting (which the judge rescheduled). It's the Kardashians who want to turn it into a settlement conference instead of going to trial, which is why they're leaking this all over the place. Ain't gonna happen; it's never gonna be a settlement meeting, you're going to trial.

557 days ago


Raise your hand (like this comment) if you really could care less about these people! I know I don't!

557 days ago
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