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Lindsay Lohan

No Drugs, No Booze

For Me at Coachella

4/12/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is going on her yearly pilgrimage to a place where drugs and alcohol are as plentiful as Botox in Bev Hills ... but she SWEARS she'll stay clean.

Lindsay is telling friends ... she doesn't care about all the snipers who are scoffing at the recidivist rehabber -- she says she's not living her life for other people.

LiLo insists she's going for the music and wants to have some fun -- just like last year (above) -- before checking into the rehab facility for a 90-day stay.

Lindsay is also insisting she doesn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol ... leading lots of us to wonder how on earth rehab is going to work.  In fact, Michael Lohan told us Thursday on TMZ Live ... he expects his daughter will fail.

And there's this ... The judge in her criminal case warned her to stay away from people who do drugs or alcohol.  This is an IMPOSSIBILITY at Coachella.


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O please .I wager she does not make it thru 90 days of not smoking and being told what to do. I bet 14 days, tops. You would have to be truly mature and trying to complete a real program.

469 days ago


I read somewhere that a rehab had to be chosen by May 2nd, but I thought she had to he checked in to one by May 2nd. Isn't it the latter?

469 days ago


just o.d. and get it over with .
why ***** foot around ..get snapping

469 days ago

It's Dave    

Oh, I've seen this episode of Lindsay. This is the episode where she goes to Coachella and then she goes to rehab. Then we hear stories about her sneaking out of rehab and there is some sort of scuffle with an employee and 911 gets called and then Lindsay goes on T.V. and tells the world that she's done clubbing for good. She is then photographed going to a club that evening.

She is nothing if not predictable.

469 days ago


She looks about 100 years old in that photo. And already high.

469 days ago


That was Lohans grand enterance. She looked like an idiot and totaly unprofessional. Nothing new there.

Lohan made the premier all about her by being very late. She said she was late because "they" left her dress back in NY. Who the hell is "they"?

See this way Lohan didn't have to share the camera or photogs with anyone. She's so stupid to think this was some major Hollywood movie premier. NO.

469 days ago


When you are sentenced to rehab but put it off so you can make a festival and you won't got without fighting for your have a problem and most likely will fail. Pick out a casket Lohans.

469 days ago


And she didn't steal the necklace or drive the porsche....Yah, right!

469 days ago


Does anyone really believe D&G was stupid enough to loan this chit a dress?

469 days ago



469 days ago


At this point I really Don't care....Really ! ....Oh she may get herself some new spots with this one but basically she will always be the same nasty self=centered narcissitic sociopath she has always been only with different spots ....I'm all for forgiveness and giving reasonable chances but I also No the point where you say Enough ! this one is a lost cause....I'm sure Blanche Moore's mother still loved and supported her up to the point were she died from Blanche loving feeding her rat poison in her ice tea......and Lindsay is Blanch Moore in a younger body......just as heartless and self centered.....a true sociopath just like Lindsay....
And Nobody has answered my question from a couple of stories ago....Who was she looking at and getting all her clues from on the Dave Letterman show....she was like Smirking like a fool and getting her lines from someone off camera......answering the questions in a pre rehearsed way.....LOL

469 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

The Judge did not tell her to stay away from alcohol.
Can this website print something accurate and not snarky in relation to Lindsay or Britney ?

469 days ago


You know what just occurred to me? That none of us should care anymore. This isn't some huge star like Julia Roberts or George Clooney. It's some B movie actress at best who can't get over the fact her best role was when she was 11. So who cares? she obviously doesn't.

469 days ago


@Ketjo...Lohan was looking for help and not getting any. When she was getting pissed at Letterman and blurted out "this is my show now" (like she was going to dictate to Letterman what he could ask her) Letterman caught that and so did everybody else and he didn't skip a beat.

Letterman had no intension of treating her with kid gloves. She knew that going in. Jesus Christ there was nothing else to talk about. It isn't like Lohan has done anything productive.

469 days ago

Ozzie X    

..but a lot of other stuff.

469 days ago
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