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Lindsay Lohan

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4/13/2013 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413-Lindsay-Lohan-Coachella-X17Never one to let a little thing like an impending trip to rehab get in her way, Lindsay Lohan descended upon Indio, CA last night with her brother to hit up the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

As TMZ first reported, LiLo has been swearing to friends that despite the numerous temptations Coachella brings ... she plans to stay completely clean throughout the weekend.

Time will tell ...


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The funny part to any LL post is how all the fat chicks with potato chips bags nearby and gay dude nolifers show up just to hate. Type out five more paragraphs now.

520 days ago


😈The Passion of the Lohan😇

520 days ago


The Lohans are such a classy family.

520 days ago


It looks like she hasn't showered or taken a bath for months. I bet her little holehan smells like rotten fish and rotten cheese.

520 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lots of tweets like this one

Just saw Lindsay Lohan but she was in no mood for me to talk to her and I didn't have the balls anyway

520 days ago


Lindsay is hot

520 days ago


Well golly gee, so many people to blame again.

Lindsay Lohan. So much to do in so little time. IRS (that never goes away) Monday. Rehab 7th time joke or jail that allowed her Adderal. Lohan is weighing that back and forth. Whatever shall she do.

A little over 2 weeks left. Enjoy.

520 days ago


Cody shows off a modeling pose Ali taught him while Lindsay intensely scans the crowd with laser precision for signs of something to snort.

520 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

She is enjoying the music. I see she has a water bottle

520 days ago


I bet a drug sniffing dog would act like Cujo around Blohan.

520 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is currently living out the best decision of her life (served in a bong made of sarcasm) by trolling around the current Ecstasy capital of the world Coachella and in a few weeks she'll have to shuffle her ass into court-ordered rehab in the Hamptons. Because LiLo can never make anything easy and can't breathe unless she's sticking a thorn into somebody's ass lips, she's going to give the rehab staff a hard time as soon as she walks through the door.

TMZ says that LiLo was under the impression that she can keep downing Adderall while in rehab, but that isn't the case. LiLo claims she has ADHD (in LiLo's case that stands for attention-loving delusional ho disorder) and has to take Adderall at all times. But TMZ is hearing that Seafield Center isn't going to allow it and will make her turn in all of her Adderall when she checks in. Some source says that the Seafield Center allows their patients to take meds prescribed by a doctor, but they're forever side-eyeing Adderall. They're apparently going to try to wean LiLo off of Adderall by giving her a substitute that's less addictive. LiLo is telling her friends that if they try to rip her Adderall from her cold, freckled, demon claws, she'll quit that bitch in a second. And if she quits that bitch in a second, off to jail she goes!

Oh, please, they're not going to take away her Adderall. This is LiLo we're talking about. Bitch rules the world. When she checks in, the staff will softly ask her, "Um, your HIGHness, do you think that we can take your, um, Add-" She'll spit out "NO!" they'll say "OK!" and they'll give her all the Adderall she wants. They'll put an Adderall on her pillow during turn down service every night and they'll constantly fill the mint bowl in her room with Adderall. LiLo will start selling Adderall to the other patients and staff, and by the time she's out of there, everyone in there will be hooked on that ****! The makers of Adderall should really make that bitch a majority shareholder, because ho is keeping them in business.


520 days ago


Why isn't Cody in school? What kind of parent allows a 16 -year-old to go to a known drug fest with a known drug user?

520 days ago


I see Dina is making Cody 's clothes out of her old drapes...

520 days ago


@Gossip...juvy/decoy decoy/juvy. Certinly wouldn't be the first time.

520 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Will this rehab place give Lohan a double cavity search?
Will they be able to find a volunteer to do it?

520 days ago
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