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Farrah Abraham

My Sex Tape Co-Star

Has a Small ...

4/14/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041413_farrah_abraham_launchFarrah Abraham is so pissed that James Deen blew the lid off her sex tape scheme, she went straight for the jugular when expressing her feelings about him -- and by jugular, we mean his manhood (and by manhood, we mean penis).

The "Teen Mom" star has been in a war of words with Deen ever since he told us that Farrah's "sex tape" was really just a porn shot at her request. 

Farrah took a below-the-belt shot at Deen while talking to our photog yesterday ... which is ridiculous and gross -- ridiculous because he's a male porn star (um, hello!?!?!?) and gross because her mom was standing there the whole time.


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I can see where Farrah gets her stupidity from, apple don't fall far from the tree.

454 days ago

Foghorn Longhorn    

Mom and daughter are both delusional!

Daughter says JD s disrespectrful to women and has a small pee pee. But hey, glad she doesn't want to say anything negative!

Mom seems to think her daughter was kidnapped and had a gun to her head when the porno was HER idea!

454 days ago


How much of a cut does TMZ get out of the eventual tape (tape?) release? You know there is a deal, right? Why else would TMZ do all this free advertising for Vivid? Again.

454 days ago

Keyser Söze    

"I don't want to say anything negative about someone I don't like... but he should get out of the porn industry, cause he has a small penis."

LMFAO... does that woman able to hear herself talk when she starts vomitting words out of her mouth? Is she able to comprehend the inane scrap she comes with? And, most importantly: how on Earth could she not realize that the HUGE majority of people respect Dean way more>/b> than her!? Then you got her mother, blaming the HIRED actor for the whole thing, when, clearly, her daughter was the 'mastermind' behind this whole fiasco! "Didn't somebody tell her she was making a video?"... Wow. Seriously, Children Protection, take away Farrah's little girl, before she turns out to be just as moronic as the rest of the women in her life!

We know who you are, Abrahams - you're a phony, unlikeable c**t who chases fame like LiLo chases Adderall. Only the dumbest of human beings could find anything to admire from you, and you, oh delusional child, thinking that you are worth even a tiny bit more than, said, a non-nonsense porn actor who couldn't care less about what you think about him... hysterical. Really hysterical.

Thank your lucky stars that Harvey Levin and the rest of the tabloids kings find your idiotic misadventures in porn amusing - 'bet just getting your name put out there for whatever reason give you a pathetic sense of worth, right? But, soon enough, like the rest of us, they'll get bore of you and move on... and what will you be then? Just that reality chick, a sad excuse for a mother, who try to make a fake sex tape with James Dean. That's it, that's all.

454 days ago


I would looooove to see James come back and respond with "well my penis did seem small in her cavernious vagina" GOD...that would sooooooo hilarious. Please have a great comeback James......please please please.

454 days ago


Go take care your daughter whore

454 days ago


Ummm,'s not Dean who has a small p@nis, it's you who has A LARGE HOLE!

454 days ago


She is really just a crass hooker, desperate for attention. I'd tell her to stick a sock in it, but it would just lead to va-jay-jay smelling hosiery.

454 days ago


Who? Is that the mother or the daughter? Doesn't matter. Call Lindsay Lohan and compare notes.

454 days ago

Throwback kid    

TMZ is doing too many stories on pornography and too many stories on ghetto rappers that no one has ever heard of. That's why I know go to other sites that do a better job now

454 days ago

Melanie Lee    

He is a very well endowed man. If she thinks his penis is small and if she has taken larger ones, her porn isn't even worth watching because she probably has a gaping hole where her vagina used to be.

454 days ago


I'd rather have a small ding dong, than be a terrible mother.

454 days ago


I' surprised these two idiots were able to find the airport.

454 days ago


TMZ, please stop covering the lives of anyone related to "teenage motherhood" reality shows - what started as cautionary taless have turned into a shortcut to celebrity for very young, very messed up girls. It's just not cool.

454 days ago


Deen is probably the classiest guy in porn and he's never bad mouthed her. She should count her lucky stars that Deen is a professional and he does respect women. Farrah hate that her 5 minutes is up. Go get some more plastic surgery Farrah, fix that chin!

454 days ago
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