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Farrah Abraham

My Sex Tape Co-Star

Has a Small ...

4/14/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041413_farrah_abraham_launchFarrah Abraham is so pissed that James Deen blew the lid off her sex tape scheme, she went straight for the jugular when expressing her feelings about him -- and by jugular, we mean his manhood (and by manhood, we mean penis).

The "Teen Mom" star has been in a war of words with Deen ever since he told us that Farrah's "sex tape" was really just a porn shot at her request. 

Farrah took a below-the-belt shot at Deen while talking to our photog yesterday ... which is ridiculous and gross -- ridiculous because he's a male porn star (um, hello!?!?!?) and gross because her mom was standing there the whole time.


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Hey farrah .u to could b the next jenna jameson .something t look forward to eh.....

454 days ago


Is your mother proud of the classless whore she birthed and raised ????

454 days ago


her and her mother are both complete idiots..everything they accused james of is exactly what they did..exploiting yr own snatch,exploiting women? puhlease,you dropped yr drawers for sex with the guy..slooty behaviour,its not gonna make you a star..theres a difference between famous and ninfamous..look it up dipshyt..

454 days ago


Didn't know it was being taped, in a studio with a crew, lighting, cameras,a producer,a porn star, and blood tests and stds screening beforehand... hmm mommy get a clue, you drug addict.

454 days ago


If she thinks he is such a horrible person then why did she have sex with him? Hmmmmm

454 days ago


Lol I don't get this video at all! What r they trying to say? At least try to good

454 days ago


I love how Farrah says "Yes I hired professionals to make this video." then her mom says "Did she even know a video was being made?" It's a little late to still be in denial isn't it Deb?

454 days ago


didn't she just say that SHE hired people to make the video... that's why she expects it to look good... and now her mother is saying no one told her they were making a video??!! sorry lady either way your daughter is a SLUT,maybe we will see her and Octomom together next... ewwwwww!!!

454 days ago


She is a dumb bimbo.

454 days ago


Her mother seems REALLY angry.. and totally in denial. I understand not wanting to believe your kid would do something like this, but Farrah admitted in the clip that James Deen and "professionals" were hired.. And she had previously admitted that she made the tape willingly.. This is beyond denial -- mom just wants to believe what she wants regardless of Farrah admitting to it..


Her mother is angry and she's lashing out at the wrong people.. She should be angry at Farrah.. Maybe this why Farrah turned out this way -- her mother blames others and refuses to allow her daughter to accept responsibility...


Stop acting your daughter is a victim.. She was a more than willing participant..

454 days ago


It must be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

454 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

Small penis ? Uhmmm..people..look the man up..small he aint..then CAVERNOUS is her vagina ? and the woman says he disrespected her and women...she paid HIM to be in a sex tape with HER ? can we all take up a collection to buy her and mommy dumbest a darn clue ?

454 days ago


There is nothing more annoying than a dim bulb who think's they're clever.

454 days ago

Angry Wes    

She is a **** with a capital C

454 days ago


She said she wanted to "immortalize" what her body looked like in her 20' filming porn? Pictures wouldnt suffice? Also, shes had work done & will probably continue to have more done to 'erase the spell of aging' so thats not even a fair portrait of what it really looks like anyway. Just another person dying to be famous...*snore*

454 days ago
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