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Lindsay at Coachella

The Last Temptation ...

Before Rehab

4/15/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
insists she was clean as a whistle at Coachella ... navigating around the muddy waters of drugs and booze.

LiLo is telling friends ... she didn't drink an ounce of alcohol and stayed clear of all drugs ... even though people all around her were getting high.

So why should we believe her, because frequently we don't?  Here's the thing.  There are NO pics that have surfaced of Lindsay partying, and whenever she does ... something gets out.

In fact ... we know Lindsay was invited to numerous parties and we checked with people who attended -- and could remember -- and no one saw her.

Lindsay is telling her friends she turned in by 10 PM both nights during the weekend.

Raising the question ... why bother going?



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Red cloud how did that sham wow guys movie go? They spent more on advertisement then it made..i stopped by a theatre and people saw her name on the poster and said "hell no"..liz snd dick her biggest role in years put commercials, huge posters,interviews..and cancelled after one viewing..lifetime couldnt even stomach her acting..and didnt want to subject the public to her bad acting..she get over it paint huffer

556 days ago


One more rerun...
This is Lindsay on a first date, and Chef Gallbladder #Littlefart can hardly wait until it's his turn:

556 days ago


No lie, lindsay was mistaken for jocelyn wildenstein at coachilla..that women is ,,,。。。 72 years old..lindsay should be flattered..and amanda bynes is on her way

556 days ago


i hate lindsay and everyone like her. my neighbors grandson is jus like lindsay. Hes a druggie, a convicted theif, hell he stole from his own mother. rear ended someone in his car when he was drunk/high, got a dui, n still thinks he did nothing wrong. the person he ran into got seriously hurt. people like this are true sociopaths and a waste of space.

556 days ago


Lindsey still alive? Has there been a sighting today?

556 days ago


Perhaps I was a little harsh.

556 days ago


Why is MiLo in New York? Is he going to fight Opie and Anthony?

556 days ago


My Oh My ! must have woke up Oscar the Grouch......Nothing disrespect to you sweetie but really There is Nothing real that we havn't chrew on eaten and disgested over a couple of times already......and after a while hearing the same old thing being said gets old........ And ever regular here know my opinion on their being a man behind the curtain cause I don't believe in Lindsay Luck there money behind all this and its money she has never had useless she getting by blackmail which Lohan Inc has a strong rumor of being very active in....So if you don't like it ...Don't read it....and good luck with the Job.....they are scarcer then hen's teeth around here.....also....

556 days ago


It appears hohan has become irrelevant until may 2nd

556 days ago


Yes lindsay is an addict, but the root of her evil is the fact that shes a sociopath. unless theres a cure for sociopathy, shes ganna keep on with the same old shena****ns for the rest of her pathetic life.

556 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Theres a Thread of this,

Marlon Wayans
'Scary Movie' Sucks Now
But Ya Didn't Hear From Me

Red CRAP is going to cry

556 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Speaking of Red CRAP. The idiot believes that SM5 did 15 million cause of Blohan, who only had a 5 mins. cameo in.

The idiot forgets Ashely who has almost 10 MILLION followers who stared in it, along with all the other "A" list celebritys.

Blohan is a "Z'" list Red CRAP. I bet you didnt even go and see it. To cheap to spend the 15 bucks, eh?

556 days ago

Suzy Q     

She didn't tweet anything vapid and stupid about the Boston Marathon bombing (like "Bombs wrapped in Lindsay Lohan leggings! Just think positive!")

So, I think she's in a drug coma.

556 days ago


Almost a secret.. till it WASNT!

Dont laugh..

556 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Red CRAP on twitter

wink flash :)‏@winkyflash3h
@lindsaylohan You warm up my heart, Lindsay! I always want to cuddle you..! It's my desire..! Seriously,'re SO cute..! Be safe!

556 days ago
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