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Lindsay at Coachella

The Last Temptation ...

Before Rehab

4/15/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
insists she was clean as a whistle at Coachella ... navigating around the muddy waters of drugs and booze.

LiLo is telling friends ... she didn't drink an ounce of alcohol and stayed clear of all drugs ... even though people all around her were getting high.

So why should we believe her, because frequently we don't?  Here's the thing.  There are NO pics that have surfaced of Lindsay partying, and whenever she does ... something gets out.

In fact ... we know Lindsay was invited to numerous parties and we checked with people who attended -- and could remember -- and no one saw her.

Lindsay is telling her friends she turned in by 10 PM both nights during the weekend.

Raising the question ... why bother going?



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How did lindsay burn her ear? She answered the crack did she burn the other ear? It called back

559 days ago


Look at her. Her face is bloated, she has bruises all over her legs, she has put on weight. What's going on?

559 days ago


Just because she didn't drink (or anyone for that matter) at Coachella doesn't mean she didn't drink/drug before or after. There was one picture that I saw where she looked supiciously out of it (don't remember where).

559 days ago


The intellect of the Enablers or severe lack of, is mind boggling is it not.? When a person gets a hate check for having concern and compassion for fellow human beings!!! keep on hate checking you fvckers , just proves time and time again how low on the scale of humanity you low class amoeba's are.!!

559 days ago


If milo jr and lindsay become a item and get married, when they get devorced will they still be brother and sister?

559 days ago


If milo jr and lindsay become a item and get married, when they get devorced will they still be brother and sister?

559 days ago


Lohan made a point of tweeting a "thank you" to her "dentist" the very day the festival started. Lohan also knows not to mix opioids with alcohol. I am absolutely certain she was on hydromorphone - Dilaudid - the whole time she was there. And probably took a lot of it, hence wanting to be in bed by 10pm (which is usually her wake-up time). There is no way - absolutely no way - that Lohan was clean during Coachella. She also looked completely high in the instagram pics. I'm sure if we look close enough at those photos we'll see those famous pinpoint pupils which are a tell-tale sign of opioid abuse. Lohan never tells the truth. And it's obvious she called this one in to TMZ. She loves lying to TMZ and thinks she gets away with it. What a dope. Literally.

559 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

There are no temptations, only bad decisions.

559 days ago


I think this is a slap in the judge's face. He told her to avoid being around or with anyone involved with drugs...and she's at the biggest drugfest there is!

559 days ago

Randy Scouse Git    

I saw Lindsay at Coachella, at stage 3 to see Baauer. She was sitting on somebody's shoulders and she didn't appear to be drinking and was so happy. The camera found her and kept it on her for a little while.

559 days ago


Perhaps there are no pics of her at parties because she was not invited. No one wants to be around her. No pictures of her at the general event because no one cared to take one. Has nothing to do with whether or not she was drinking or doing drugs. Most assume she was, no matter what this paragon of virtue says. She is simply no longer worth the effort.

559 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, lots of pics of "stars" but not of Lindsay? Guess she is not that popular anymore. Everybody knows she is trouble, so no party invites.

559 days ago

Blonde Ambition    

Did they still pass her around like a pillow?

559 days ago


You wouldn't read it on TMZ if she was hauled away in an ambulance. Well, perhaps it would be written up as 'exhaustion'.

559 days ago


Hey, she took all her Homeland DVD's with her and was in bed, sober, at 10. She's a homebody even when she parties.

559 days ago
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