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Sharon Osbourne

Heels in Mexico

4/15/2013 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A foot massage doesn't cure all, but it helped Sharon Osbourne a little bit as she decompressed in Mexico following her split from hubby Ozzy Osbourne.

As we reported ... Sharon and Ozzy are living separately in L.A. -- she moved into the Beverly Hills Hotel and Ozzy rented a house a few miles away. 

Sharon shot down to the Esperanza Resort in Cabo this weekend, but the split was clearly on her mind.  She was texting constantly and talking on the phone.

Ozzy just posted on Facebook that he's been back on drugs and the bottle for the last year-and-a-half, and he seems to be saying that caused the rift.  Ozzy also says he's been sober for 44 days and is sure he can save the marriage. 

It's unclear how permanent the split promises to be.  As far as we know there are no immediate plans to end the Osbourne's 31-year marriage.

One source said ... Sharon and Ozzy have done this before, and it's a good bet they'll pull a Danny DeVito/Rhea Perlman and rekindle the relationship.



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Throwback kid    

Being married to a loud beast like Sharon Osbourne would cause any one to drink!

502 days ago


Anyone would have to be drunk or stoned to deal with Sharon!

502 days ago


Sharon Osbourne : you did a piss poor job as Ozzy's "manager". If you had got him to deal with his drug problem a long time ago, he wouldn't be in the shape he is now. You should be ashamed of yourself. Im sure all the money you got off of Ozzy during his touring, etc and you will get in this divorce is all you ever cared about. You are a sick, evil beeyotch. $$$$$$$$$$ is the root of all evil and sharon osbourne is Exhibit A.

502 days ago

senior citizen    

I've never found either of them interesting after I saw how they allowed their dogs to make a mess in their home. Trashy, trashy, trashy, people.

502 days ago


Ozzy don't get off the booze and drugs. If you sober up, you'll realize reality and see what a bitch (dog) wife you have. Oh and you are no better with your biting the head of a live bird. I hope a prostitute bites the head off of your d-ck.

502 days ago


I give Ozzy a lot of credit. While it isn't good that he's back on drugs and alcohol, I can't think of any other celebrity that will actually come out and admit it. Hopefully he gets things together.

502 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

The future Yoko Ono....

502 days ago


Am the only one worried this Black Sabbath album wont be good? I love Black Sabbath, don't ruin it!

502 days ago


You people are sooooo gulable!! They will never divorce!!

502 days ago


Ozzy you're too old too be drinking and taking drugs. Grow up dude and just retire. Enjoy your memorable moments with your family. Unless ofcourse you're starting to go cenile now.

502 days ago


This is exactly was I predicted was the cause of their separation on the previous post of their separation ...AND NO ONE BELIEVED ME.
This is about the only thing that could have caused a rift after all they have been through over all these years. Tough love is about the only thing that works. -
Ozzy has always been very dependent on Sharon, so there is a good chance he will once more get sober so he doesn't lose her.

502 days ago

Tammy LM    

My best to the both of them. It's sad and a shame to see this happen but it's for the best. You can't make someone clean up. They have to do it. It's got to be their choice and their decision. The only thing you can do is walk away, and sometimes that's what it takes. It's the only thing that can work. You also have to walk away because being with an addict that will not help themselves is only going to bring you down with them. It's like trying to stop a sinking ship. You can't. You have two choices. Go down with the ship, or save yourself.

And this is something that sadly will continue to happen because when you are an addict for as long as ozzy has been, he will always be recovering. He's going to be recovering for the rest of his life. And that entales on again off again. Sharon did the best thing she could. And for those complaining saying Sharon is a mean old witch. You go to hell. She is not. She's assertive, and dominant because she's a strong willed woman and she's had to be with an addict and famous rock star for a husband. I'd like to see what you'd have done. A wife to a trainwreck like that, trying to raise three kids two of which have medical problems, another stepson, and keeping your own sanity plus making sure to handle the business aspect of one of the most sucessful music careers in rock n roll today. PLUS being a cancer survivor on top of that too. You can all go straight to hell.

Sharon, take care and get the rest you deserve, he'll get the help he needs. It'll happen. He's pulled through before. He'll do it again. He's strong too.

502 days ago


How such a bunch of lowlife garner so much attention is beyond me. Please deport them to Cuba or Lower Elbonia

502 days ago


I hope they can work it out. I love them together, and they're great parents. They did a pretty decent job raising their kids.

502 days ago

the truth    

Come On People...they both have project coming up they need to promote.....HOLLYWOOD!

502 days ago
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