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Prince Jackson

Face Off with Cops


4/16/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Jackson was fully armed yesterday during a brief standoff with the LAPD ... wearing a revealing bright green Euro-trash muscle tee that completely exposed his boyish pythons.

The photog on scene says 16-year-old Prince -- who's only been driving a few months -- was given a warning for illegal strobe lights on the grill of his new truck.  Prince removed them and went on his way.

It's a far cry from the boy Michael Jackson shielded for years.

But his fashion choices remain questionable.


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Mike L    

Cops need to do some research. The grille lights are stock on the Raptor. Because of the width of the truck, Ford was required to put marker lights on it. They didn't want to put them on the roof, so they put them in the grille. They don't strobe from the factory, but they do illuminate when the lights are on. If he removed them, now he's more illegal then when he had them.

520 days ago


While you're talking about arms, that LEO looks like one he wouldn't ant to mess with.

520 days ago


Those guns are more like flab. His "pecs" are more like moobies. The dude is clearly chubby.

520 days ago


Irresponsible headline. You're writing staff needs some help. Seriously.

520 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

Most of these comments are horrible. Do you people know that Prince is a wonderful student who makes excellent grades and never causes trouble?

Let's celebrate him as good kid and be supportive instead of trying to make rude comments about a 16 year old boy.

520 days ago


There really should be a law against trashing a minor in the media. He's just a 16 yr old boy that had a wacko upbringing.... Show a little compassion and cut the kid some slack.

520 days ago


So how exactly would a police officer notice strobe lights (that were turned off) behind the grill on a vehicle parked front-first in a parking space? Were you following Prince like the paps? I'm calling Bull-schit.

520 days ago


Prince could mop the floor with Beiber.

520 days ago


It happens to our 16 year olds every day of the week. It happened yesterday. It will happen tomorrow. How about if we just look the other way and let the young man go through a right of passage in private? No wonder celebrities go nuts and think the world revoles around them. They can't do the simplest things in life without making headlines. I'm so glad I'm a nobody.

520 days ago

mj fan forever    

It's far from the well-mannered and educated child Michael Jackson raised for years, like all of his children. If he shielded them it was just to protect their privacy letting them grow up like normal children. But according to greedy unnatural mother Katherine they had to be paraded to make her grab more and more money, even though she herself admitted that this is not what Michael wanted for his children, and he always said that, but of course when it comes with money really no matter what for a disgraceful woman like Katherine and her similars!!!

520 days ago


Leave the kid alone! Hes a good boy not doing drugs or bothering nobody!

520 days ago


Just another Entitled child of a celebrity that will be in trouble for the next 10 years and end up like Blohan

520 days ago

paul a.    

I got to say for kids that grew up with a weirdo as a father, they seem really well adjusted.

520 days ago


Ridulous headline TMZ! Very misleading and rose are not guns by any means, he IS a kid you idiots.

520 days ago


Those arent "guns"...those are chubby, lazy arms!

520 days ago
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