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Rachael Ray Show Sued

260 lb Teen Says

They Made Me Take a Hike!

4/16/2013 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0416-rachael-ray-gettyA very large teen claims the "Rachael Ray" show is more brutal than CrossFit, more grueling than P90X, more intense than "The Biggest Loser" -- and it all ended with humiliation and anxiety.

Christina Pagliarolo -- who weighed in at 260 lbs -- agreed to be part of a segment on overweight teens.  She claims in her lawsuit ... the trainer made her run like Forrest Gump, yelled and screamed at her, and made her hike in the mountains.

Worst of all, she says the trainer put her on a StairMaster and kept cranking up the speed until she fell off the machine ... and then he yelled at her for falling.

Christina says she was a mess after training ... suffering serious injuries including messed up legs.

Christina is suing for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

7:30 PM PT -- A rep for the "Rachael Ray Show" tells us, "We haven't received this purported lawsuit but if it does materialize we will defend ourselves against it vigorously and fully expect to prevail."


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fame seeking nutball. she can or couild have left at any moment... people are ****ed up these days and shes only 16,, shes growing up as a parasite, sucking off of everything she can.

524 days ago


She's is right to believe that she's ugly. Not physically because no matter how ugly you think you may be, there's somebody out there who will think you're beautiful. However, she is a very ugly person on the inside. Who the hell sues somebody who's trying to help you?

524 days ago


Why is people being so rude to her?

524 days ago


What a joke! The pig signed on for the segment, how can she sue for something she agreed to?! So sad that everyone is looking for any angel they can to make a fast buck! I hope RR doesn't have to hand over one red cent to the greedy family. I hate to tell the poor girl that if she doesn't get the weight off quick she won't be around to worry about a lawsuit. She'll be dead long before any money would be awarded!!!

524 days ago


I'm sure the additional weight she's been carrying on a body that hasn't totally developed (a teen) did more damage than falling. She voluntarily went on this show. Her humiliation and anxiety probably began long ago from being a VERY LARGE TEEN. I hope Rachel Ray sues counter sues her fat arse.

524 days ago


A teen complains about exercising and wants to sue what a joke I hope this lawsuit get's thrown out, Hey maybe I will sue my boss for making me work for my paychecks.

524 days ago


hat doesn't mean you didn't lose any weight now, you must definitely would lose alot of weight. the injuries aside, they can always heal but to an extent, you have achieved your primary goal i suppose.

anyway there is a much more better way to lose the weight without knowing when it goes,,, join us @ you sure won't see any injury

524 days ago

BB not bb    

You shouldn't abuse people because they are overweight. A little teasing is okay, but you shouldn't try to disrespect people or push them beyond their limits. That is why I hate and won't watch shows like The Biggest Loser. I don't like them being called losers and I don't like the way they get some beautiful conceited trainer to keep humiliating them cause they aren't like her.

You should get in shape because you want to, not because someone is yelling at you and abusing you. They do this for ratings and it is exploitive.

She may feel humiliated and angry now, but she made her point. It is one thing to encourage another but it is another to humiliate them into submission.

523 days ago

BB not bb    

I think she needs to lighten up a little and have a sense of humor. A little joke doesn't mean someone hates you. I think she is too self protective. She should just hang loose a little. She seems like a nice person. Obese people have friends too.

Her parents are part of the problem. They are in charge of her, yet they give her huge amounts of food then blame her for her weight. They need to set the limits and boundaries, that is their job. They need to give her her three meals a day with the right portions and that is it.

You can see that Rachel Ray is trying to milk this story for all of the cheap emotions she can get. This girl needs to stop getting caught up in the drama others create and just live her life.

523 days ago


Someone should sue for her feeble attempts at cooking.

523 days ago

BB not bb    

Obviously you have to start training slowly with somone like this. Instead of hiking in the mountains, which is very hard on the joints, they should have just strolled in the park. They could walk laps around a lake and sit on a bench for rests. It doesn't have to be hard and mean just because you are trying to get in shape. She sounds like she would like to swim also. She could do laps in a pool maybe.

A trainer nearly made me collapse on one of those treadmills trying to find my maximum endurance. I was mad too. There is no point in pushing yourself beyond where you are comfortable. If you feel like you are about to faint and can't breathe, I don't think that is training, it is physical abuse.

523 days ago


"Hike in mountains"? What's wrong with a little walking? know just because she broke a sweat to work off the weight properly, she has go to and sue the show? Come on! If I could do that, I'd be a millionaire right now!! You only get out what you put in!! Just saying...

523 days ago

BB not bb    

I looked at the clips of her training on other youtube videos and it did look like they were pushing her too hard mentally, emotionally, and physically. I think they do that for the drama effect because it is TV, but it is cruel. I wouldn't want to listen to any of those trainer that she had.

First some overly perked up blonde lady sneaks into her room at five AM and makes her climb the bleachers on top of the seats. That is even hard for an out of shape thin person to do. Then some brutish looking male trainer made her looks so stressed that her face was flushed bright red and she looked like she wanted to burst into tears. No one listened when she said that she couldn't do something. I did see him have to catch her as she came off the stair climber also.

Then even the nutritionist was mean. She was making her walk too fast and then saying she was anxious so that is why she was coughing. She was probably coughing because of the weight of her chest on her lungs when she was breathing heavily. Just taking a slow walk for a fat person is like taking a jog for a thin person.

I feel like this is emotional abuse of teens and I don't like it. I am glad she is going the natural way, but there is a safer and kinder way to do it.

523 days ago


As an overweight gent... if I went on a show aimed at getting me to lose weight I would expect most of this. Although the yelling is pure day time TV bull. I think I would be yelling back inside of 5 minutes that they aren't helping. With some various expletives added in for good measure.

523 days ago

BB not bb    

The more clips I watch of her story, the more depressed I get. I can't even take any more. She is a sensitive person and these people are using her to show off how tough and thin and righteous they think they are. It is mental abuse.

I don't blame this girl for cancelling 15 appointments to work out with Jen. These trainers are very unpleasant. I don't think you are going to be motivated to do something until you feel good about yourself and what you can achieve. If you are around people who tell you that you can do things when you know you can't, that makes you feel like a failure.

I think fitness training is an outlet for conceited bullies to express themselves. Most gym teachers I ever had were real brutes. Sports are supposed to be fun and relaxing, not grueling and stressful and tiresome.

Maybe this is why there are fat kids, cause they make gym class into hell. Then the parents don't let their kids walk to school and don't regulate their food.

Rachel should have made some better menus than just turkey or chicken burgers and salad every night. No one is going to be happy eating that unless they are like a monk. She is a cooking expert besides. I think she wanted to see this girl struggle and fail. Maybe that makes all of the boring housewives feel better.

523 days ago
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