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Rachael Ray Show Sued

Over Hardcore Weight Loss

4/17/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The lawsuit filed against Rachael Ray's talk show by an obese teen could mean big trouble for all those weight loss TV programs. -- and we'll explain why.

Plus, President Obama lays the down the law with Jay-Z! BO finally talked about the Cuba situation ... and it sounds like he's had enough of his rapper pal. Are the Carters and the Obamas breaking up for good?

And, Heather Locklear recommends semen facials to keep looking young! She ain't crazy ... at least according to the expert who joined us today. No, it's not Farrah Abraham.

(0:00) Rachael Ray is being sued by an obese teen who sought her help -- and the lawsuit could mean trouble for every other weight loss show.
(6:00) Sharon Osbourne's house fire ... was it caused by a relapsing Ozzy?
(10:00) Farrah Abraham is clueless part 50 -- you have to see this clip.
(15:00) President Obama can't help but exude his disdain for the Jay-Z Cuba situation.
(18:00) Heather Locklear says she uses semen to stay young -- so we talk to an expert about it ... and the results are hilarious.
(23:00) Will.I.Am is being sued for allegedly stealing a song ... and he may be screwed on this one.
(25:00) Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson are hanging out again ... and we know why.
(28:00) Rihanna bails a few concerts in a row citing a medical condition -- and there's a crazy rumor floating around about what that is.
(31:00) Kristin Chenoweth is 44 ... and looks dang good in a bikini ... but that's not the reason people in the office comparing her to Heidi Montag?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Steven Spielberg will be watching movies at Cannes from the comfort of his ridiculous yacht ... and people are ticked.

No Avatar


Splitsville baby.

520 days ago


Oh freakin' Please, TMZ. Has anyone seen an episode of "THE OSBOURNES" on that staff? Even when Ozzy was clean and sober that man could hardly feed himself due to the drug and alcohol damage. Has anyone seen the footage from the Wedding vow renewals on their 20th, he was so ****faced he didn't know where he was, and you think this man could LIGHT A CANDLE when he's flying and stinking drunk? You people are grasping at straws.

520 days ago


Jigga? Really? Even though there's a song, and even though it's *his* song.. even though I'm not a fan, I do think it's quite inappropriate I think to refer to someone as a Jigga, just sayin. Jigga is derived from the racial insult/slur Jiggaboo.

520 days ago


Does "Jigga" or the Prez need each other? They aren't gay lovers Harvey.

520 days ago


For the 261 lb teen suing. Maybe you should've shown discipline in your life instead of shoving junk into your face and ballooning up. If you were that naive to believe that fat camp was going to be a walk in the park you should've quit after the first week. Your lawsuit is a joke and when they show footage of you from the show, they'll laugh you right out of the courtroom. You suffered nothing but a kick in your fat rear end because you didn't miraculously lose weight then get your own reality show.

520 days ago


Still waiting for TMZ Live live screen to be adjustable rather than just a postage stamp of full screen. It use to be.

520 days ago


Slow day TMZ. I saw that you use the red box highlight to show the Heather Locklear is okay with a certain facial. Really.

520 days ago


Farho is following in the footsteps of Smeggy. I didn't get kicked out of the house, I left on my own. It wasn't my fault I got pregnant, it was my boyfriends. I'm a good mom, blah, blah, blah. She's watching way to much of Smeggy circling the toilet bowl. Add another one to the self-entitled bich brigade. Girl is going to learn the hard way, no one cares about you except gossip sites and it's all to make fun of you. I'm surprised DCFS hasn't ordered her to take parenting classes and have someone checking up on her at all times. Just wait until she finds out what it's like to NOT have her mother around to babysit when she wants to go out and party. MEH!!!

520 days ago


you dont have to lie, you like sperm on your face just because ;)

520 days ago


Harvey nice shirt, but would you please stop going to the School of the Blind and have them dress you.
BTW, missed you guys yesterday. I was in the throes of Spring cleaning. I should be doing that now but opted for laundry since I can do that and type and watch TMZ live, LMFAO.

520 days ago


Yup, men all over the world had their hopes up when beautiful Heather Locklear announced that a sperm facial keeps you young. Then pictures surfaced of Locklear without makeup and they all ran to the liquor store to drown their sorrows.

520 days ago


This Cuba thing just put me over the edge..Here is Mr. Mrs. Carter..Just go do whatever..and in a Country that is horrible to their people..Then hey come back here make your money..DID YOU FORGET WHAT FREEDOM IS ? I'm really let down that our prez is such a wannabe Hollywood star friend and just like to let them run OUR COUNTRY.. enough.. I'm so let down..Now look we're getting bombed..our PEOPLE are being hurt..GO PLAY ON THE BEACH WITH YOUR CIGAR>>>>with NO MONEY

520 days ago


Ah, so spits or swallows now becomes spits, swallows or lather all over your face!

520 days ago


Harvey wants it on his face too of course

520 days ago


I'm sure the teenager signed a waiver. I'll also bet dollars to donuts she was given an extreme rundown of what was going to happen and what to expect. Something tells me somebodies family is broke and looking for a quick payout.

520 days ago
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