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U.S. Supreme Court

Protects Ornery

Boozy Celebs

4/17/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0417-law-blood-dui-arrestCelebrities are gonna have a field sobriety day with this one ... The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled ... it's unconstitutional for cops to forcibly draw blood from someone who was busted for DUI unless they get a warrant -- or prove a damn good reason for not getting one.

The implications here are far-reaching. If someone refuses a breathalyzer ... cops may have to take the time to write up an affidavit and get a judge to sign a warrant. That time could be enough to allow the person to sober up enough so their blood alcohol level drops below the legal limit.

There's an exception in the ruling, though ... cops can proceed without a warrant if they later prove to a judge that they had a compelling reason to do so.

Just look at the partial list of celebs who have been busted for DUI ... Lindsay LohanBobby Brown, Paris HiltonTaran Noah Smith, Mel Gibson, Chris Klein, Rick Springfield, Richie Sambora, Tracy Morgan, Vince Neil, Kiefer Sutherland, Ty Pennington, Thomas Jane,  Charles Barkley, Sam Shepard, Michelle Rodriguez, Mickey Rourke, Randy Travis, Nicole Richie, Haley Joel Osment, David Cassidy and Chad Kroeger.

It's a game changer ... bar none.



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Ozzie X    

I agree in that time they can drink a gallon of Gatorade and flush out the toxins in their blood and the high level of liver enzymes in their blood.

519 days ago


Bad idea. I bet if the Supreme Court had to see the daily consequences of drunk driving like the police and hospitals or even worst, be the one to tell families of an accident, this would not have passed.

519 days ago

Oh Please    

So I guess, if the cop let's them skate and the boozy driver kills someone, then they will have reason to do a breathalyzer. Oh happy days.

519 days ago


I mean, if the cop suspects you're drunk and you refuse a test, that seems like a compelling enough reason....

519 days ago


You still can't refuse a breathalyzer without huge penalties, including jail in some states.

519 days ago


"Game changer bar none" ? Get a writer... please!

519 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Pretty much means Lindsay Lohan can skate?... oh never mind she skates anyway!

519 days ago

boo boo    

Regardless of this "protection" non-celebrities such as Javier Martinez, JJ Jefferson, and Mary Jo Hickum will still have their asses dragged into local emergency rooms in the middle of the night to have their blood drawn on the way to jail.

519 days ago


In California, if you refuse a breathalyzer test, it's an automatic suspension of your drivers license. So it's still shi**y either way. Plus, how do celebrities get DUI's anyways??? You have money, get a fu**ing can or get a driver. It's not worth the penalties and fines and classes and the chance of killing someone on the road. Morons!!!!!

519 days ago


Not really a game husband is a DUI ofc in AZ & regularly has people refuse therefore resulting in a warrant to draw blood. It doesn't take "long enough for someone to sober up" to get a warrant in most cases & 99% of the results come back over the limit.

519 days ago


But~cops are fckn LIARS- they are TRAINED to lie to people and they are trained to lie to get the results they want. So this ruling means nothing when you have a cop who is PAID TO LIE in order to get paid to do their job. Did I mention that cops are LIARS?!?! And no, I've never been arrested-you don't have to run afoul of the law to know the game.

519 days ago


Lindsay Blowhan is jumping up and down right now saying THANK YOU JESUS!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

519 days ago


In California (and probably a lot of other states), if you refuse the test you automatically lose your license for a period of time. This is a condition of accepting your right to drive, not a criminal penalty.

519 days ago


Whatever, if the field sobriety tests are done correctly, a blood test really isn't needed. Don't to excited just yet.

519 days ago


This is about one stupid decision. The rights of the dunk driver overrules my right to safety. I wonder what the Justices were drinking when they made this idiot decision.

519 days ago
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